Dwight Howard Sues His Child’s Mom For $9.2M

December 14th, 2009 by

ORLANDO, Fla. – Another Orlando sports superstar is trying to clear his name. Eyewitness News discovered Dwight Howard filed two lawsuits in Orange County court this week against the mother of his child.
One lawsuit seeks $9.2 million in damages and the other increased custody of his 2-year-old son.
Dwight Howard has made his name and his $14 million-a-year salary on the court. Now he’s trying to clear his name by seeking millions in court.

In documents obtained by Eyewitness News (read them), Howard is asking for $9.2 million for damages caused to his name and image over the Internet with comments like Dwight “has another baby in Atlanta,” “he is raunchy” and “he hasn’t shown up for his visitation in damn near three months.”
Royce Reed, who’s accused of writing the comments or encouraging others to, reportedly met Howard when she was a Magic dancer and the two had a son but never married. Eyewitness News tried to talk with her about the lawsuits, but her brother said he hadn’t seen her.
“I have no idea where she is. She hasn’t spoken at all,” he told WFTV reporter Greg Warmoth.
Reed’s attorney would not comment about the lawsuits. Howard’s attorney acknowledged the court filings this week and did say they are in an effort to protect Dwight’s image as a person, a player and a father.
Eyewitness News found in the document fear that disparaging remarks could damage Dwight’s relationship with the companies he endorses, including Adidas and McDonald’s.
Part of the $9.2 million in damages is a math formula, where Dwight is asking for $500 per disparaging remark already posted online multiplied by the 17,410 times they have been viewed.
One Magic fan, who’s also a single father, understands where Howard is coming from.
“Whether $9 million or ten dollars, he has a right to stand up for himself,” Paul Poleon said.
The Orlando Magic would not comment and said Dwight also would have no comment.

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  1. oklahoma gurl

    I guess you have to have morals for a morals clause in a contract to be enforced…just another “who my baby daddy”…

  2. mike

    Good on him!! I am now a Dwight Howard fan and will support him by purchasing the products he endorses. I too am a father who doesn’t have custody of my daughter and my ex-wife cried and lied in court and the judge bought every word of hers, now I pay over $700 a month in child support for one child. It’s time that all fathers in this situation start standing up for our rights and our images!

  3. TIM

    I too am a father, and I think that the mother’s shouldn’t automatically get the child. There should be an evaluation of the two parents to determine who’s better suited to take care of the child. With this new emergence of mothers drowning, strangling, and in some cases, even trying to microwave these children, there should be an evaluation!

  4. Josh

    Thank God that somebody is willing to stand up for themselves. He is not smacking her, beating her up, or anything else. He’s handling it like an adult. If he did not care about the kid this is the last thing he would be doing. I’m happy to see a professional athlete actually do the right thing. I’m also happy to see a man being willing to stand up to a women in a case like this. Often times all you see is the women running roughhod over a man because society attemtps to crimp our hands. Good deal I hope he wins

  5. Mike

    I am a single mother, and I agree with Tim! The mothers have taken advantage of their power as it relates to the court system and their children! Mothers getting child support but the child not getting a dime! Spending child support on bills, nails, hairdos, their new man, and anything other than giving it to the child. If the mother needs child support to help her pay her bills, the child should be with the person that can afford to pay their own bills plus child support! Women have been responsible over the last decade and a half for breaking up the family bond, and I want it back! Do the right thing ladies!

  6. Joanne Howard

    As a woman, I am finding it distasteful for the courts to try to repay the historical damage of “women’s suffrage” through Domestic Relations. Not all women make idea mothers. Children end up being a means to her end. Domestic Relations support the ongoing devaluation of women by giving them a stream of moneys they did not earn. It does not take tens or hundreds of thousand of dollars per month to feed, roof, and clothe a child. But, the courts find a way to say “Yes it does!” At infancy a child only seeks the comfort of love. As they continue to grow, they seek the comfort of both parents. These mothers do not quite understand it. They see the professionals and seek a way to “comfort city.” Women of this sort put the definition to “gold digger.”

  7. Nicole

    Boy you said it in a nut shell 5. Mike!

  8. beth

    I agree 100%. I have custody of my two daughters and my ex pays less than half of what the court says he should. I work 4 jobs seven days a week to support my daughters. I have a friend who has two daughters and he pays over $2000 a month in child support. He has not worked in two years and is drowning in child support. One of the mothers just bought a half million dollar home and he gets $100 a week of his unemployment. Now someone explain to me how the court system can allow these things to happen? He is supposed to live on 400 a month while she has everything? Can you honestly tell me two kids cost $2000 a month to raise?

  9. beth

    The sad thing is his child support is based on a wage he made working construction. Those jobs dont exist but the court system tells him he has to try harder to make that kind of money….why???? she obviously doesnt need it? I think its completely unfair how the whole system works.

  10. Johnny D

    WOA, WAIT A MINUTE HERE.Is he FN stupid,where does he think this money will come from??It’s like he’s suing himself because im sure that bitch was fresh out da’ ghetto when he found her.What a dumb shit!Well now that I think about it she mite’ be knobbin’ erkel OBAMA fo’ sum’ of dat doughnut money.

  11. Dee

    Dwight Howard is an ideal prototypical athlete. This guy plays hard on the court, he knows how to have fun, and takes his job very seriously. Apparently he handles is off-court situations the same. The mother of my child is doing something very similar to this. Things dont always go according to plan, and sometimes people have kids with someone they do not intend to be with forever. Most women seem to think having a baby means you have a hold on the man, and when the man moves on they all of a sudden hate this man, and do everything in their power to keep the kids away from the father. Its terrible, its one thing for a man to disappear and avoid being a FATHER, but when the father is trying his hardest to be a good man, father and person then the woman needs to let a man be a man. Isn’t that what you all wanted in the first place. Its about the children, and whats in their best interest. Not whats in the best interest for the mother. I wish Dwight good luck with his case, and his image was never diminished by this excuse for a woman.

  12. Vee

    Having worked for a family law attorney in the Tampa Bay area, it’s shocking to me the cases circulating in the system. 80% of the time, we were hired to CLEAN UP messes caused by other attorneys. In general, people had not the first clue what their rights were. Child Support Modifications, Order Enforcement/Contempt of Court, the list goes on. People have no idea that there are legal remedies to ensure that debt racked up (usually on purpose) by the other spouse is attributed to that other person. The state of Florida is extremely biased when it comes to primary/residential parent responsibilities.

    Women lie constantly about abuse and RARELY are they held accountable. Yes, there are laws on the books to punish people who lie to the courts and/or falsely report crimes. Unfortunately, they’re rarely used.

    More father (high profile and everyday men) need to step up, get educated and do it right. More attention will lead to more results and hopefully change!

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