Dutch troops withdraw from Afghanistan

August 2nd, 2010 by Staff

THE HAGUE, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) — The Dutch troops ended Sunday it’ s four years mission in Afghanistan and handed over the responsibility in the Afghan province of Uruzgan to the U.S. and Australia, makes the Netherlands the first NATO member to leave Afghanistan.

According to the Dutch Defense Ministry, the Dutch troops had 24 casualties and 140 injuries during the last four years. “But we have brought the people of Uruzgan major improvements.”

“It hurts because it marks the end of the Dutch leading role in Afghanistan, I want to say goodbye to the people here we have intensive cooperated with and whom we have shared the friendship we built together,” the Commander of the Task Force Uruzgan (TFU) Kees van den Heuvel said.

“The international community and NATO to help Afghanistan stand on its own legs, so the country can defend itself against extremists who want to use the country as a breeding ground for global terrorism,” The Dutch Foreign Ministry said in a statement released Sunday. “Netherlands has taken responsibility, and their shoulders to put security and reconstruction in Afghanistan. ”

The Dutch government collapsed February over disagreements on extending the country’s military mission in Afghanistan

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  1. Adam

    Who knew that the Dutch would be the first ones to realize that it’s time to get the hell out of that shithole? When will our government realize it?

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