Driver Crashes Car Into Steak ‘n Shake Restaurant

February 4th, 2011 by Staff

UPDATE: Ten people are injured after an SUV crashed inside an Evansville restaurant. It happened around 11:30 Thursday morning at the west side Steak ‘n Shake. Police say one of the victims is a pregnant woman.

The crash happened during the busy lunch hour. The SUV ended up in the middle of the dining room, with a man trapped underneath.

Going to the drive thru at the Steak ‘n Shake on Evansville’s west side has never looked like this.

“You never expect to be sitting down eating and a car be parked next to you,” Officer Karen Kajmowicz said.

Police say the driver of the SUV was pulling into this handicapped spot when for an unknown reason, accelerated into the restaurant.

Authorities say the driver is an 86-year-old man who apparently confused the gas pedal for the brake. The SUV came to a final stop inside the dining room, pinning a man underneath.

“The car broke through the wall and the wall kind of went back into place after the car passed through,” Kajmowicz said.

Police say the crash happened around 11:30 Thursday morning, when the restaurant was full. Officials say they have never seen a crash where the vehicle ended up all the way inside a building.

“I thought the tow company had already been here and taken the car away is what I thought, but actually the vehicle came to a rest inside,” Kajmowicz said.

Ten people were injured. Fire crews were able to lift the SUV to free the man.

“If you believe in a guardian angel, I would think maybe there was a guardian angel here,” District Fire Chief, Bob Alexander said.

Officials say it was a chaotic scene. Booths cleared out, tables and chairs knocked over, and shattered glass everywhere. A crash course that could have been much worse.

Eight people were taken to the hospital, including a pregnant woman. Two others refused treatment. No word on the extent of their injuries, but police say everyone was conscious and breathing when they were taken away.

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