Donald Trump emphasizes that he wants ‘birthright’ citizenship to end

August 20th, 2015 by Staff



Not every Republican contender agrees with Donald Trump on ending “birthright” citizenship, but he’s not backing down.

The Constitution’s 14th Amendment grants citizenship to people “born or naturalized” in the U.S., but Trump said on Wednesday ahead of a New Hampshire town-hall forum that “a lot of people” think that does not apply to “anchor babies” born in America to noncitizen parents.

Such babies, Trump said, are then entitled to “Social Security, Medicare, education. Give me a break! It doesn’t work that way. The parents have to come in legally.”

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Some Trump rivals embrace limiting “birthright,” but ex-Texas Gov. Rick Perry said during a swing through Iowa that he would rather focus on boosting border security now.

“Reality is it takes at best years, probably decades to deal with this 14th Amendment issue,” he said.

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