Dog Finds Stash, Eats Pot, Gets Sick

June 15th, 2009 by

SEATTLE (June 11, 2009)—The owner of Labrador mix named Jack thinks her dog found someone’s pot stash during a run through a park in Seattle, had a taste and then got sick.

Jan Nestor Waddle said Jack was on his own for just three minutes, but she’ convinced that during that time, the dog managed to get high.

Three hours later, his head was weaving and his eyes were glassy, she said.

The vet bills added up to $1,500.

Nestor said the vet jokingly told her to remind Jack to “just say no” to drugs.

According to Seattle police, a wilderness guide playing hide and seek with some children in the park earlier had discovered a duffel bag packed with five and a half pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $22,000.

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  1. Common Sense

    Don’t bogart that dog,my friend. Pass that bitch over to me.

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