Dodge Challenger Hellcat with VIN ending in “666” For Sale on Craigslist

July 27th, 2015 by Staff


You don’t need to be a car aficionado to figure out some of the Hellcats will become highly treasured collectibles. And when you have a blown 6.2 liter Challenger with a VIN ending in “666”, you know you’re in for a good catch.

The Challenger Hellcat we’re talking about has shown up on Craigslist earlier this month and the seller has the pictures to prove the muscle car’s special status. The Challenger has been kept in what we can call factory-delivery condition, meaning all the protective plastics are still in place. The odometer obviously hasn’t been put to work yet.

The car comes in Sublime Green and, more importantly, is fitted with the Satin Black hood.

These days it’s pretty hard to buy a Hellcat, whether it’s a Charger of a Challenger and that’s because the demand has exceeded the production capacity, with Dodge making arrangements to keep up.

We’ll remind you that back in December last year, Dodge delayed Challenger Hellcat deliveries, as the company was not able to supply enough Satin Black hoods. While some of the buyers who had chosen this option dropped it, other decided to stick with their choice and wait.

With manual trannies turning into an extinct species, this Hellcat has yet another advantage, as it is fitted with the Tremec six-speed manual.

As you can imagine, the owner of the car is aware of all the aspects we mentioned above, so he’s not exactly selling the car for the MSRP. In fact, at $89,000, this Challenger Hellcat seems to carry a price premium of around $15,000

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