Defendant’s tattoos covered up for murder trial

December 8th, 2009 by

NEW PORT RICHEY, FL — Jury selection began Monday in the trial of a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi. John Ditullio Jr. is charged in the brutal 2006 attacks that left a 17-year-old dead and a woman badly cut up.

For Patricia Wells it was a night of horror. It was March of 2006, and Wells woke up to a man standing over her stabbing her with a knife.

That same individual, according investigators, would then go after a friend of her son’s, 17-year-old Kristopher King. King would later die in the hospital.

The state believes that crazed individual was 23-year-old John Ditullio Jr., a self-professed neo-nazi who was staying next door at the time of the attacks.

The motivation, according to investigators, may have been the fact Wells was dating a black man and that Ditullio believed King was homosexual.

Ditullio was arrested at the scene. He is now facing trial for first degree murder and attempted murder.

In an unusual twist, tattoos on Ditullio’s face and neck will be covered by a makeup artist every time he appears in court. The tattoos include a neo-Nazi symbol.

Ditullio’s attorney said hiding the tattoos is the only way to ensure that his client gets a fair trial. The defense won its argument. The makeup artist will cost the court $150 a day.

It’s not clear when a full jury might be seated.

If found guilty Ditullio could be sentenced to death.

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  1. Jeff

    Hey Guys,

    Let’s just hope that the prosecutor can get the arresting photo put into evidence and this will get put in front of the jury

  2. Stupid Monkey

    Neo-Nazi? What a waste of life. Just send him to prison with the rest of his kind so he can battle other race gangs for life. Neo Nazi Faggets are the worst, and they don’t know how to leave people alone. They praise hitler who is Half Jewish, according to world rumors, and was possably gay. Just call them retarded white americans, hey every culture has one.

  3. Rich

    This asshole should get the death penalty just for the stupid tats.

  4. Johnny D

    150$ a day for a make-up artist!?!? What in sam hell has this once great nation been reduced to? That has got to be the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard of!!!All I can say is “inject the venom, bitch!!”

  5. porkchop

    screw the tattoos, if they have this guy dead to rights just fry his ass already. too many of these jackasses in the system that we collectively have to pay for already.

  6. Brent

    10 to 2 not guilty, I’d say that wasnt so dead to rights eh?

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