Defendant Slits Wrist In Front Of Judge

May 28th, 2009 by admin

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A defendant smuggled a razor-blade into a Duval County courtroom Wednesday and cut his wrist as he stood in front a judge.

Shawn Roberts was appearing at a pretrial hearing on charges he broke into a Channel 4 producer’s apartment with a gun and attacked her.

“I think the quote was, ‘Judge I think he’s bleeding,’” Assistant State Attorney Matt O’Keefe said. “They give him razor-blades to shave in the morning and he had smuggled it into court and was holding it. When he got in front of the judge, he literally began taking a small razor blade and slicing his left wrist with it.”

Courthouse guards and paramedics rushed to Courtroom 7. Roberts was not seriously hurt and was not transported to a hospital.

“I would call this a suicide gesture,” O’Keefe said. “A suicide act would be someone really attempting to kill themselves.”

O’Keefe called it a feeble attempt to convince the judge that he is unfit to stand trial on charges of burglary with battery. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

“He has been examined twice by a competent psychiatrist and they’ve found that very point — there’s nothing wrong with Mr. Roberts,” O’Keefe said. “This was simply another attempt by Mr. Roberts to play off on the court that he has issues.”

After Roberts was bandaged, he returned to the courtroom and appeared to be confused.

“I don’t understand what’s going on. I’m going in and out,” Roberts said to Judge Mark Mahon.

“Well, I think you’re in right now,” Mahon said, then told Roberts that he didn’t make a good decision when he superficially cut himself.

“You appear to be somewhat savvy with regards to this, although I think you’re getting some bad advice from ‘lawyers’ in jail,” Mahon said.

Chief Tara Wildes, who is in charge of the Duval County jail, said Roberts was searched prior to being taken to court and they believe he hid the razor blade in a bandage.

“We can’t find where any security procedures were violated,” Wildes told Channel 4′s Laura Mazzeo. “He was searched at least twice before leaving the jail and probably upon arriving at the courthouse as well … but you can see, this is a mighty small piece of razor.”

Prosecutors said that smuggling a weapon into court will result in additional charges against Roberts.

After the disruption, Mahon ruled that Roberts’ previous conviction for raping a 14-year-old girl can be used against him in his trial, scheduled for next month.

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  1. Rob

    Too bad he didn’t die… One less criminal would be nice.

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