Dantae Morris Arrest Information

June 29th, 2010 by Staff

www.myfoxtampabay.com –If you would like to help law enforcement track down murder suspect Dontae Morris, you can print out this wanted poster.

Morris is the chief suspect in the shooting deaths of two Tampa police officers. He remains on the loose and Tampa police say his capture is their top priority.

A number of groups and agencies have pitched in and the reward for his capture currently sits at $100,000.

Download the poster here: Dontae_Morris_wanted_poster.pdf

If you have trouble with the links goto: www.hcso.tampa.fl.us and search the booking number.

Booking Number Name Race Sex DOB Arrest Date
03048699 MORRIS,DANTAE RASHAWN B M 08/24/1985 08/20/2003
03060931 MORRIS,DANTAE RASHAWN B M 08/24/1985 10/15/2003
04010072 MORRIS,DANTAE RASHAWN B M 08/24/1985 02/15/2004
05006605 MORRIS,DANTAE RASHAWN B M 08/24/1985 01/28/2005
05042151 MORRIS,DANTAE RASHAWN B M 08/24/1985 07/02/2005
05070368 MORRIS,DANTAE RASHAWN B M 08/24/1985 10/31/2005
06033951 MORRIS,DANTAE RASHAWN B M 08/24/1985 05/22/2006
07002192 MORRIS,DANTAE RASHAWN B M 08/24/1985 01/10/2007
07065644 MORRIS,DANTAE RASHAWN B M 08/24/1985 10/12/2007
07076322 MORRIS,DANTAE RASHAWN B M 08/24/1985 11/29/2007
08017682 MORRIS,DANTAE RASHAWN B M 08/24/1985 03/18/2008

77 Responses

  1. Kevin

    This fool should be in jail, honestly no one can say different. Bubba and the fellers are right, as long as the same people are behind the scenes this will continue. Sad but true.

  2. Eric

    Keep droppin’ the hammer on this subject guys.. ridiculous.. the good old boy network needs a good public strangle.

  3. Enkrypt

    why is this ****** alive? Someone with a brain and gun please kill him.

  4. mike

    no this ******* should be dead i hope for the sake of the familys they wont have to go through a trial draging this out i feel that all law enforcement should take the same approch that grady judd has you kill us we kill you. its sad that law enforcement has to fear for their life on the job…

  5. Kevin


    BRANTLEY, CORTNEE NICOLE is the female suspect. She is a fool as well.

  6. Eric

    10:00 a.m. Tampa police are at 4900 Bristol Bay Drive where a red Toyota Camry has been found.

  7. steve

    Answer one question for me.Why is this dirt bag on the street and Ragusa got 10 years for a sex crime?

  8. Greg D

    Now I see why 8 police cars showed at my house when I was getting questioned one day about my gf son. I take back everything I said that day or any day I have downed the police. There are some bad cops out there but god bless the ones that truly care about people and give their lives sometimes in doing so. THE MAN WHO DID THIS IS A POS!!!! Whe do we have to keep putting up with this kind of person in public.

  9. Robalboa

    Some officers have an uncanny way of pissing people off and some officers have a way of calming situations. These guys come from the first group. Karma karma thugs in uniform

  10. Russell Johnson

    I hope that the family of this guy does not hide or protect him. And when or if he is shot by a police office the community needs to support the police not this idiot.

  11. Chris

    Hope this is the last time something like this happens, but I’m afraid it won’t be until we deal with this issue. Anyone can go to their county’s website and find dozens of these cases where these people are walking the streets FREE. If our government wasn’t so worried about the pot smokers & steroid using athletes, then ,maybe they would have time to look into this issue.

  12. Chris

    Robalboa???? Are you kidding me??!! So it’s the officer’s fault because you think they pissed him off? Some people do things because they are pieces of SHIZ!! Sounds like you are one of them.

  13. M Murphy

    Robalboa- you’re an f’ing idiot. Go back to your trailer and smoke some more meth, you inbred hilljack. Two young men doing their job were murdered in cold blood by a two bit piece of trash thug. Period.

  14. Eric


    Since you obviously come from the first group as well, should you get blasted? Then I can type some little comment like “karma karma thug on a keyboard” ..?

  15. flyerznut

    I dont see how anyone can justify the taking of 2 lives, Two Public Servants protecting us while we sleep. I dont care if the officers in question did piss someone off. This scumbag left 2 families without a husband, father son, etc. I send my most sincere sypathies to the friends and famililies of these 2 fallen heroes. Thank you Bubba for calling it like you see it

  16. tampafan

    From the details it looks like he was found not guilty on several of his major charges. Based on what I heard this morning Bubba was presenting it like he wasn’t prosecuted for the weapons and attempted murder charges. Hope he gets the death penalty this time.

  17. Chris

    Robalboa is a POS himself. These officers have families and kids.His post should be deleted and he should be blocked from making any future posts. Robalboa I hope you sleep well at night knowing you are protected by these same people you defame. You sir are a jerk.

  18. Robert G Amaden

    I hope they are on a shoot to kill order! He dosent deserve to live.

  19. Chad Watson

    How can this Jackass State Attorney be removed?…Before he kills another Police officer…

  20. Capt BigK

    Forget about Ol Sparkey, can we borrow that Firing squad that popped off last week from that mid west state. That is the only due process this shooter deserves.

    P.S. Casterate all blood ties as well.

  21. fellowleo

    Obviously Morris was a coward. If he was a real man he wouldn’t have had an outstanding warrant to begin with. He would have manned up and turned himself in on it. And Robalboa, if the police were allowed to shoot every dirt bad that pissed us off during our nightly patrols, chances are you and Morris would’ve been gone a long time ago. My thoughts are with the families of my fallen brothers.

  22. TooNite Gracie

    She’s the driver. Just as bad. Time to re-enforce the punishments of criminals, instead of criminals bucking the systems (cuz they know how to play it).
    I would hope they are taken down, and the officers clear their entire clips on them. I do not want my TAX DOLLARS paying for these 2 criminals to be arrested and sitting in the luxury of jail with a/c, health benefits and contact with the loved ones. I guarantee if gun fire brings the criminals down, the families will file lawsuits and claim unjust ploice brutality. No win situation.

  23. Avery

    It’s not Dante’s fault, the white man has kept him down.

  24. Bear

    I’m an ex thief that took dvd’s from shops and sold them for money. I got busted once and was given 5 years. This guy never even seen the inside of a prison. I learn the hard way that i was doin ppl wrong. i guess its because i’m white. ppl say that our jails are over crowed with non-whites, well maybe this will wake them up. then again, maybe not. this is not the 1st time we lost a few good cops to be choses made by the ppl that have all the power to take them off the streets.

  25. Chris

    Robalboa, lmao, you’re an idiot. We should just get rid of the thugs in uniform and resort to private enforcement shouldn’t we? Keep your mouth shut boy, you’re making yourself look outrageously retarded kiddo.

  26. Dredal McHaggis

    bubba you and the guys rock it seems like its time for a good old fashion lynching you know everyone has there own opinions on cops but which ever one it is no one deserves to die at the mercy of some other person because they cant man up and except what fate has in store for them he took the pu$$y way out and ran but at the same time it cost the life of 2 people only doing there job to provide for there family so they could live and survive in the crazy ass place we call earth and on that note my deepest condolences goes out to the family of both fallen officers i hope they find the *^#%*$ and throw him under the jail R.I.P.


  27. MarkM

    they should do in @robalboa as well!

  28. john basile

    Kill these mother ******* on sight!
    Rip fallen brother officers godspeed

  29. Troy Jones

    I pray for the families of these Fallen Warriors, bless you for the time you have given to those you protected. My prayer for this scumbag Dante Morris is that he lays still inside the chalkline. We the Army find you GUILTY OF MURDER and Your sentence is NOT TO LIVE.

  30. Troy Jones

    And ROBALBOA , who you gonna call when you have a bump in the night???? Hope you have your own force to protect you ,because I would hate to hear that you got a ‘busy’ signal on the 911 line.

  31. Kenny N

    Robalboa- You are an idiot and I hope you die a slow and painful death. Anyways, this scumbag should have been locked away, he has clearly shown that he cannot live in society. What is even worse is that there are thousands in the Tampa Bay area just like him walking free. RIP officers, this should have never happened.

  32. Dunner

    I am a 45 yr. old man who lives conservatively but thinks liberally. I am tired of thugs running rampant.I want frontier justice on this habitual felon. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

  33. Dave

    i agree with Bubba and the boys. they should treat this scumbag like the dog that he is and put him down. i do not understand the post left by robalboa. what would prompt anyone to kill two people? because they pissed him off, are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Justin Larsen

    i agree with robert i hope whoever finds this guy first shoots to kill on site.

    @ robalboa
    you are a piece of shiz i hope one day you find yourself at the wrong end of a police gun because you think you are above any kind of rule. you are probably some black trash wanna be thug who thinks the world owes him something because you are poor and made bad decisions so that you wont ever be successful in life. better yet i have a better idea than find yourself on the wrong end of a police firearm go find one yourself and stick it in your mouth and pull the trigger you piece of trash

  35. jim

    Ok I say it time fora new law folks. If you pull a gun out in a police officers view

    they shoot you dead. if that was a law how many dumb **** would it take before it sinks in that that would be a no no. and for this P.O.S cop killer and that nasty looking P.O.S woman of his if the cops don,t kill em put them in prison and put the pics of both police officers all over the cell and fix it to where they cant get them off the walls and let them see every damn day what they have done for the rest of there life…… ooooo **** it just kill em.

  36. Eddie

    Like the others have said, how does this POS stay out of jail. I know people in jail that have never hurt anyone and are doing life without parole. It’s called the “bit**)! Come on people wake up!

  37. Debbie Whitfield

    I totally agree with you Robert.

  38. Moe Badd

    Notice to every one who is aiding this POS, YOU can and will be charged as an accomplice after the fact. Turn him in so he can be shot trying to escape.

  39. Rusty

    So unnecessary and tragic. My toughts and prayers are with the families of these fallen hero’s….

    As for the perpetrator

    Off with this neegroids head! Kill his neegress too!

  40. rentalbean

    Hopefully someone else has found him and is going to torture the living **** out of him for a few days before turning him over to the police. This tard definitely doesn’t deserve to live.

  41. Ramathorn

    There should be criminal charges filed against the person(s) who let this man out repeatedly everytime he was arrested. The charge: Public Endangerment. There is no way I’d be free with his arrest record. Very unfair court system. Very sad ending. I hope we learn from this and things change, ASAP.

  42. Yoli

    This guy needs to be put away (or maybe not even make it to the jail). I remember when this one got transferred to adult court from juvenile. Check out the earliest entry. Held for Moderate Risk Program. What that means boys and girls is that this POS had soooooooooooo many charges that a drug charge sent his sorry ass to adult court from juvie and that was in 03 he was 17 when he was CONVICTED, not when he racked up the charges to get himself there. A trial like that can take up to a year, and that’s from when he was arrested, not when he committed the crime. He’s been at this since he was a kid himself. He is violent and dangerous. He HAS NO CONSCIENCE. Because of his selfishness these officer’s children have no father. It was a traffic stop, and he felt that his life was more important that that of 5 children. Two bullets, 2 lives ended and 7 more destroyed. All because the sorry SOB didn’t want to go to jail. Dude, if ya don’t want to go to jail, don’t commit crimes. IDIOTS. There has to be a special place in hell for people like him. I haven’t lived in Tampa for a few years now, but when I heard the name Dante Morris on the radio, I knew exactly who they were talking about.

    The failure of the system that lets sociopathic cretins like this remain loose on the streets is why I left the job that unfortunately brought this POS to my attention, and the fact that there are so many like him that go in and out of the revolving door of criminal justice is why, no matter how much I loved living in Tampa, I left.

    I hope he has nightmares and sees the faces of those children and the fathers he killed. I hope he has children who ask him, “Daddy, why did you kill that little kid’s father?”

  43. Horhay

    Perhaps this guy was one of the Good Ole Boys Coke Dealers. Which would explain why the cocaine charges never stuck

  44. Michael Clarke

    well it is obvious that in order to go to jail you have to roast a pig or at least try to the atty should be charged with murder by proxy

  45. daunte morris is a piece of trash

    scumbag I hope when they find you they kill you !! you don’t deserve to breath the same air we do. I hope you get shot 100 times and your face is demolished !! you are trash and you always will be a piece of shit and your family sucks too cause they most likely cover you up. come down my way and just let me see you i will not hesitate to pull the trigger !!! this pisses me right off, you are garbage and your hair id like to start on fire and when someone kils you slowly then take a piss all over your face and make you die slowly !! you are a low life scumbag pile of shit along with your whore girlfriend.. boy am i heated !!! and the person who let this piece of shiz out on the street should also be shot and urinated all over !!! death to both of you and your scum girl !!

  46. Eric from california


  47. JD Orlando

    Somethings up. Bonded out all those times…….. One more arrest one more payday. The guy had money… the guy walked. Over and over and over again.

    I just hope this tragedy gets some light cast into the good-ole-boy system. Time for some explanations and accountability.

  48. Stephanie Taylor

    I want to see more booking numbers so that I could REALLY lose my mind here. How the is it possible for this garbage to be in VOP since 2003 and still be out on our streets, and even more vile… who is repeatedly releasing this poison? Who is getting paid off here? Hope it was worth it to them seeing that we have lost these 2 officers as a result of their neglect. Congrats degenerates! You have allowed this to happen by loosening your hold on justice, the same justice these officers fought daily to protect. The circus is over Ober… hope you enjoyed the show!

  49. Michael Raftice

    I hope that they shoot him in the spine and paralyze him so that he can go to prison in a wheelchair and be everyone’s bitch. I only regret that I can’t kill him myself.

  50. rick

    Robalboa is the kind of pussy who would not hesitate to call police for help in any situation where things got rough. Kill this piece of excrement, save all the people who work for a living (what’s that, u ask?) the expense of keeping this scumbag alive. When you execute two cops, you give up your rights. The welfare train rolls on and on, and this is what it produces.. My heartfelt sympathy to the families of these true heroes. By the way, I’m a convicted felon, served time in the Florida DOC. I’ve seen firsthand how these scumbags get over on the system. I turned my life around. I wish I could be a cop and deal with these pukes.

  51. Tony Fuentes

    who ever let this piece of human **** walked away free with all this long record should feel ashamed now . who ever they are to let this go should look in the mirror and feel as criminal as this BASTARD. my respect to Bubba and the crew for such outstanding work

  52. shayshay

    this ****ing spook needs to ****ing die he gives black people a bad name and he should ****ing die he needs it soooo badly and i truely hope someone rips him limb from ****ing limb and skull ****s him. guys like him are the reason im afraid to go outside at night and please pray for the officers families.


  53. Matt Draco

    @ Avery

    Are you a F’ing dumb Ass? The white man keeping him down. Last time I check Dante is the F*** stick that shot the two men doing their job. Avery are you helping Dante becuase it sounds like you side with him and why don’t you save everybody some time and money and blow your f’ing head off that way you don’t harm anyone with your gang banger racist lifestyle.

    @ Robalboa

    I understand that sometimes officers can piss off anybody and it sounds like you have been in trouble with the law but no officer should be killed because they are rude, it is f’ing people like you and Avery that is the problem with our society and the world. If you think that the officers got what they deserved then you need to also join Avery in blowing your f’ing head off too.

  54. shawn

    They need to put these two down ….

  55. Matt

    I am a listener to the show, and Bubba, I completely respect what you have said on the issue. People like him make black people like me who are doing something wholesome and decent with their lives look bad, and I hate it. I am in college hoping to graduate this next spring and I have a job on the side. You and your crew are very right in saying that there is no reason for this man to be anywhere other than in a prison cell. He sure as hell hasn’t learned his lesson yet, so it’s hard to believe he will.

  56. Chris

    Just remember people, we voted the people responsible for this person being on the streets into office. Lets all remember this tragady come election time. Do some research on the people your voting for.

  57. Tim from mi

    bubba i was in tampa monday night and heard everything that was happening i’m a truck driver out of mi.i’ve printed his pic and putting it up at truck stops.shame on that mother ******.man i’m spending the 95,000,already…thnx Tim

  58. Pat

    Up here in Detroit we lost a Officer to a Shizhead with a rap sheet almost as long as this loser… My prayers and thoughts to the TPD and the families of the fallen officers. I hope they catch that animal and execute him on the spot!

  59. Dawn

    Let me just say that turning this into a race thing is completly crazy.I hear way too much.This guy should be in prison.I mean he shouldn’t have even been out to kill these two officers.I grew up in Florida and when I lived there it did seem that the laws were stricter,so yes,I feel the law makers may have some fault in this,but it was the hand attached to the finger that pulled the trigger.The girl with him,she is just as guilty.She drove him away and is not helping to catch him but is helping hiding him,she should have done it herself.

  60. Maria

    I hope that they find these trash very soon and show them no mercy..Dante shouldn’t have even been out of jail with that crimminal record he has.. and what his stupid a*** father said to please let his son be allowed to safely turn himself that’s bull shiz… he needs to be killed.. and a slow painful death is what that trash needs. Not to be in jail why should he be allowed to live when he didn’t give these two heroes the chance…

  61. Tim R.

    God Bless the Police and those that do keep us safe and sound. Anyone that has a problem with the police is because they bring the problems to themselves. This ***** will get whats coming. The cops are gonna have some fun before its 1 and done. A *** is a ***……..Godspeed and God Bless to the downed officers and their families.

  62. sausage

    I’m suprised it took so long for someone to notice what this avery jerkoff said. I hope he’s next to go down. What an @$$#0/e

  63. chris

    its not just officers getting killed by someone who should have already been in prison , my wifes brother got beat to death with a baseball bat 8 years ago by a guy you already had alot of assault charges and weapons charged it just took him to kill someone for the court system to finally give him life in prison,,, all these violent fers should get life reguardless if they have killed someone or not

  64. Rob


    People like you need to be put away with the rest of the scum out there. Would like to put you in a room with the officers family and see if you have that same attitude… I don’t think so you puzzy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the officers family. We may not know how you feel but we sure have you in our thoughts and prayers. Marc obber..(not sure if that is the correct spelling of his name) knowing that you are a prosecuting attorney, I hope you think about those families every night before you go to bed and think if the outcome of one of those times he got arrested and recieved the proper sentence, there is a great chance these officers would still be with there famlies

  65. charlie

    Hey have they got that dirt bag yet when they do maby someones gun can go off by mistake

  66. Richard

    This A.. Hole should be shot on sight.

  67. chris

    Our thoughts and prayers to the families of the two officers killed in the line of duty, and also to all the officers and our military around the world who give us the oppertunity to live our lives in freedom the way we do.To the two scumbags roblo or robolo and avery karma karma karma you ll get yours pricks

  68. Cindy

    What is happening in this country? How can someone with this many arrests still be on the streets? It’s just so disgusting that something like this had to happen before this scum finally gets put away! I hope when he’s finally found that he gets what he really deserves, just like here in Lakeland a few years ago!!!

  69. Brandon

    So i guess if you kill him and turn his body over to police you dont get the 100000, huh. Money or no money i wouldnt care knowing that my children are safe, This dude is problably going to commit suicide by police in the end. To all the vigilantes out there, IF ANY. Be careful and if you see him, be smart.

  70. Brandon

    If the white man or more accuratly put “the system” is putting you down then there is better ways to succeed than to gun down two men with families. Get a GED, go to college, Get a job, hell dont pay taxes, go protest in the streets, join the military!! Dont kill people because your pussy ass dont want to serve a few years in jail. The families he killed will suffer for the rest of their lives, and so will he regardless of the outcome. Couldve took the charge did the time, and eventually set his life strait, but NO he destroyed 2 lives, even his own. Hes just an all around dumb human being. “white man” or not.

  71. tofer

    i am a soon to be officer. i can only pray that someone like myself or bubba will come across this guy somewhere soon and say he reached for a gun. i have made donations to the btls foundation and will continue to do so. i pray for the safe return of all leos every night. bubba and his crew are great people. this dirtbag is a pussy and like i said before i pray to the good lord that i see him. i will make sure i have my 100 round beta mags filled with hornady ammo ready for him. my family and i will continue to pray for the families they left behind. bubba and crew, please keep doing everything you guys do for the community. you all are perfect.

    again, thank you everyone that has donated to the btlsfoundation.com
    at least here, we know all of it goes to the families.
    be safe……

  72. Anthony

    I could hear this punk bitch saying just before he pulled the gun ” I aint going back to prison, I anit getting raped again.” He looks like a punk, put some lip stick on him and put him in high heels. I would sell his azz for stamps, and lil debbies. He aint shit they can give me $95,000 and I will make sure he never breaths again.

  73. joyce

    This is not a black or white issue people. This is a human issue. It would not have mattered if those officers were black, hispanic, asian or white…nor does it matter that their killer is black. ANYONE who guns down a police officer in cold blood like this was, does not deserve our empathy. It doesn’t matter how poor the killer is…or what community he comes from…or his family life.
    This killer deserves EVERYTHING coming his way! He made his choice to do the things he did…and he has chosen to end his life by taking the lives of others.
    If you must shed a tear…then shed them for those officers families who lives will NEVER – EVER be the same…or “normal” because some thug decided that their lives wasn’t worth consideration.

  74. joyce

    What is going on in Florida? Cop killers…baby killers…rapist… I believe in an eye for an eye and believe that Morris and anyone who assisted him deserves the full punishment of the law…even if it means the death penalty. But I also believe that these women who have killed their babies (Casey Anthony and others) also deserve the full punishment of the law. I hope these same sentiments that are being posted in regards to Dantae Morris is also expressed for baby killers!

  75. Lisa Pearl

    They finally got that SOB!!! Why is Cortnee only facing federal charges of witnessing a felony and not reporting it? Heads need to roll on this one dangit!

  76. michelle

    This is NOT dontea You have a pic of his brother,,,,

  77. Lady S

    All u ppl are stupid!!!!!! Ur no better than him. That’s if he even killed those cops. Innocent til proven guilty right. Cops risk their lives everyday and their not all perfect I might add. He’s locked up now, let the law handle him. Which I’m pretty sure they will guilt or not…..

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