Customer Dubbed Poor Tipper Refused Service

February 25th, 2010 by

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (news4jax)– A woman who says a local restaurant is refusing to serve her has started a petition to boycott the establishment. But Kampai Japanese Steak and Seafood House restaurant owners say they refuse to serve her because she is such a poor tipper, WXII-TV reported.
Monica Covington said her spat with the restaurant began in 2008.
“I noticed on our ticket that they added 18 percent gratuity and there was only two others with me at the time,” Covington said.
The restaurant menu states that a 15 percent gratuity will be added to parties of six or more. Covington said she complained, but paid anyway.
When she returned to the restaurant a month later, Covington said she was informed that she would have to pay an 18 percent gratuity if she wanted to dine there.
“Before we could even get seated, we got into the door and they came to me and said, ‘If you aren’t willing to pay the 18 percent gratuity, then we can’t serve you,’” she said.
Covington said she felt slighted and decided to start a petition demanding fair business practices. So far, 300 people have signed.
Kampai manager Michael Lam said Covington is a poor tipper, and after a number instances of her failing to tip accordingly, the restaurant ran into problems.
When asked if he refused Covington service, Lam said, “Yes, because we can’t keep continuing to serve her anymore because the servers and chefs are not willing to serve her.”
Lam said he’s shocked by news of the petition, which reflects poorly on his business that has been in Winston-Salem for 13 years.
Winston-Salem attorney Carl Parrish said North Carolina law allows businesses to dictate payment terms upfront and to refuse to serve customers who don’t agree to the terms, as long as civil liberties aren’t in violation.
But Covington insists the business is discriminating against her.
“This petition is to make sure everyone who goes out there gets fair treatment,” she said.

3 Responses

  1. Tanya

    If she isn’t even tipping 18% on average, then she is the problem. I am a bartender and I have noticed that people are still willing to go out to eat but that most have decided to tip less because of the economy. If you can’t afford to go out to eat, don’t go!

  2. darrell marsh

    tipping is a privlage, not a right. We , as customers should not have to tip if we don’t want to. plain and simple, stop eating at the restaurant and spread the word.

  3. Brian

    Darrell is clearly out of touch with reality. You are expected to tip if your service was acceptable. Servers earn under $3 an hour with the balance of their pay to be made up in tips. If you don’t want to tip or think of it as optional they YOU are the problem. You go work somewhere where people view your pay as OPTIONAL and see how your tune changes.

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