Conn. man calls 911 for advice on marijuana

February 7th, 2011 by Staff

FRESNO, California — A seemingly simple legal question landed one not-so-bright young man in handcuffs.

Dispatcher: “911, what’s the location of your emergency?”
Michelson: “I was just growing some marijuana and I was just wondering what, how much, you know, trouble you can get in for one plant.”
Dispatcher: “Depends on how big the plant is.”
Michelson: “It’s only a seedling.”
Police in Farmington, Connecticut, say 21-year-old Robert Michelson called 9-1-1 to check whether he’d be arrested for having a small amount of pot. Turns out, the answer is yes.
Dispatchers traced the call to Michelson’s house, where they found drug paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana. He was booked and released on five thousand dollars bond.

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