Coast Guard Now Enforcing BP’s Oil Spill Viewing Rules

May 20th, 2010 by admin

When a crew from CBS News tried to film an oil-covered beach in Louisiana, they were stopped and threatened with arrest by a group of BP contractors and members of the Coast Guard. “This is BP’s rules, it’s not ours.”

Besides lying to everyone about the extent of the damage, and the company’s culpability in the spill, BP has started to wield its power over the US government by having the Coast Guard keep prying journalists from seeing the effects on Louisiana’s shoreline. Governor Bobby Jindal had recently visited the site, telling reporters, “This wasn’t just sheen, we were seeing heavy oil out there.” When the CBS News crew arrived to film the area, BP’s muscle showed up, too.

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  1. LCDR Chris O'Neil

    I wanted to take a moment to comment so that your listeners and readers know that the U.S. Coast Guard’s policy for media access to response operations has not changed and that the Unified Command continues to embed media wherever possible.

    Neither BP nor the Coast Guard, who are responding to the spill, have any rules in place that prohibit media access to impacted areas and we were disappointed to hear of this incident. In fact, media have been actively embedded and allowed to cover response efforts since this response began, with more than 400 embeds aboard boats and aircraft to date. On the day the story ran alone, 16 members of the press observed cleanup operations on a vessel out of Venice, La.

    The only time anyone would be asked to move from an area would be if there were safety concerns, or they were interfering with response operations. This did occur off South Pass Monday which may have caused the confusion reported by CBS today.

    The entities involved in the Deepwater Horizon/BP Response have already reiterated these media access guidelines to personnel involved in the response, and hope that it prevents any future confusion.

    I hope this helps clear the air.
    Very respectfully,

    Chris O’Neil
    Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Coast Guard
    Chief of Media Relations (CG-09222)

    This is an official United States Coast Guard posting for the public’s information. Our posting does not endorse this site or anything on it, including links to other sites, and we disclaim responsibility and liability for the site and its content.

  2. Dead Earth

    BP controls the Law too. Man, we’re screwed.

  3. Hector Seiglie

    the two clowns in the red boat are not coast guard notice they are wearing coast guard blue but there are no name plates or patches on the “uniforms” these two clowns are more than likely coast guard auxilliary. if they are on BP’s payroll and abusing their power as an auxilliary officer they should be arrested along with all responsible for this catastrophe. when are reporters gonna grow some balls, how about asking for names and id or tellimg them to pound sand if they don’t produce them. of course that dim wit bitch reporter isn’t going to haul ass she’s scared of her own shadow.

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