Clerk Of Courts Lawyer: “I Communicate With Spirits”

February 1st, 2011 by Staff

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – There’s a new lawyer helping to operate the Clerk of Court’s Office in Brevard County, but he also claims to be a psychic attorney who can communicate with the dead.
Chief Deputy of the Clerk of Courts, Mark Anthony, talked to WFTV Monday. Anthony said he has been a lawyer in Brevard County for 25 years, and said it’s that experience, and not his ability to talk to the dead, that landed him one of the top jobs in the courthouse.
Anthony is adamant that he won’t mix his day job overseeing operations with what he does on the side.
“I communicate with spirits. I see them. I feel sensations,” he said.
The trial lawyer said he first noticed his gift as a child and eventually turned it into a side business. His website,, offers people a chance to overcome grief by communicating with the dead.
“I’ve conducted about 2,500 readings in my life,” he told WFTV.
Anthony said his boss, Mitch Needleman, has known for years about his psychic work, but it raised eyebrows for other people.
“It’s just asking for a backlash,” resident Leisa Hall said. “You know, you might as well go and call Dionne Warwick and the Psychic Friend’s Network.”
“There are going to be some people who say this is nuts or this is crazy. What do you say to those people?” WFTV reporter Kevin Oliver asked Anthony.
“You know, it’s our own individual decision whether or not we believe in God or whether we believe in an afterlife,” he replied.
Anthony said he got the $90,000 a year job through his experience running law firms, and his work as a medium has no bearing on whether he can manage clerks and court records.
WFTV tried to reach Needleman to ask him whether he had any reservations about making a psychic attorney his chief deputy, but he did not return any calls or emails.

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