Cheerleader Sues School For $100M Over Facebook Message

July 30th, 2009 by

JACKSON, Miss. — A former Pearl High School cheerleader is suing her former coach and the school district for $100 million.
The student filed the federal lawsuit after she said her coach got into her Facebook account and read personal e-mails. One of the e-mails was between the student and another cheerleader and had profanity.
“I didn’t know if I will get in trouble or not for putting it on there, because I didn’t think there was anything wrong with what was on my Facebook,” plaintiff Mandi Jackson said.

Coach Tommie Hill asked Jackson for her password and then read the e-mail, Jackson said. The lawsuit alleges that it was unlawful for Hill to ask for Jackson’s password.

After reading the e-mails, Hill suspended Jackson from cheering at football games and pep rallies, the lawsuit alleges.

“To me that’s my responsibility. What’s going on my Facebook account is every parent’s responsibility to deal with themselves. It’s not hers,” Jackson’s mother, Missy Jackson, said.

Missy Jackson said she has tried to work with school officials for two years on the issue. Now the fight is heading to federal court.

The Jacksons’ lawsuit claims the school violated Jackson’s right to privacy when Hill read personal messages on Facebook.

A man at Hill’s home said that she was in Texas and WAPT was unable to get a comment from her.

Jackson said she is an outcast at school. Her friends were mostly cheerleaders and now they won’t talk to her.

“None of them talk to me. One of them that I used to be friends with in middle school all the way up to freshman year, she talks to me a little but seriously none of them talk to me,” Mandi Jackson said.

She said is dreading her return to school as a junior. She fears her fellow students will shun her as well as teachers.

School officials filed a motion saying Jackson and all cheerleaders were told coaches would monitor social networking sites. The motion asks the judge to dismiss the case.

The Jackson family is asking for compensatory damages against each defendant in excess of $100 million, according to the lawsuit.

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  1. cory

    well the coach should have not asked for the password and if i was her i would have got a suspension in school for refusing to give him my password and take futher action against the coach and school for that. but as a parent if it was that bad of an email i think that issue is the parents responsibility to monitor. but $100 million come on REALLY!! the girl is a minor so i think the parents are looking for the easy pay day. i hate this legal system discust me…..puke….

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