Charles Philip Campbell Jr., the lawyer representing Todd “MJ” Schnitt in is defamation case against Bubba the Love Sponge Clem, arrested for DUI

January 24th, 2013 by Staff

( Tampa, FL -  Charles Philip Campbell Jr., the lawyer representing Todd ”MJ” Schnitt in his defamation case against Bubba the Love Sponge Clem, was arrested last night for driving under the influence.

According to the police report, he was arrested near Cass St. and E. Tampa St N at 10:08p.m.

Campbell has been released after bonding out at around 6:18a.m. this morning.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Record

30 Responses

  1. Tracy Lempe

    Karma is a bitch MJ! Bubba this is the bullies getting back what they deserve! They’ve used all their connections to get their way and the powers of the universe stepped in and threw a wrench in Mjs lap! This is exactly what should have happened! And shows how absolutely ridiculous this lawsuit is! If I was a juror and I think most common sense people will agree this is a no brainer! Next case! Don’t worry Bubba you will be better off because of this lawsuit and if you ask me this is hurting the little weasel that he is! Because its just proving that everything you’ve said about him is absolutely the truth!

  2. Glenn

    It looks like he’s going to need Mr. Diaco

  3. Matthew S

    This is such a great lead in story this morning. Thanks for making my day. I must admit I used to be an MJ fan but turned him off once you returned to The Bone and have never looked back. Hmmmmm let’s see how the Jury reacts and how Phil Campbell likes being the butt of Jokes starting today

  4. Aaron Cozzoli

    Defenition of a douche bag = Charles Philip Campbell Jr, his DUI will never be brought up, or talked about. I hope you win this case Bubba, MJ is a crybaby little bitch, all in my opinon of course. Bubba Army west coast CA.

  5. Russ

    Didn’t he get popped a few years back for DUI?

  6. Good Laugh

    Wondering if MJ will sue his attorney for defamation. When you google Campbell’s name, he is described as Schnitt’s attorney. I think MJ will get more negative publicity because of this than for anything he’s accused of doing.

  7. ed

    The Bubba Army saw him drinking and called in the DUI. Check police records and you will see that a call was made to report a car making agrssive turns on the road. Bubba Army rules….

  8. steve weis

    i love it it couldnt happen to a nicer asshole.Cheers

  9. Rick

    Haha! Give it up you pubic-haired dwarf. Even your lawyer can’t stand being with you for the day

  10. Jon

    Well Bubba this proves more than anything else that everything you were saying on air was true. Your crew mocked him and his lawyer in a few pieces that were funny as hell and look at this.. during the biggest trial of this dickheads life he go’s out and gets smashed and decides to drive. karma is truly a bitch!!
    Good luck

  11. Chris LA


  12. Trevor Bain

    BAHAHAHA.. Can’t stop crackin up.. That’s what happens when you try to take on the Bubba Army. We take care of each other and watch each others backs. Ole Mr. Cambell had to many bowls of loudmouth soup and got popped. God is truly great! Freedom of Speech Man! It’s no work or a shoot, it’s justice. He who laughs last, laughs loudest. Go Gettum Bubba, cant wait to have you back on the air and get your take on the case, the dwarf, sweet shelly, oh and Mr Red faced Gin & Tonic my liver is ready to fall out drives a girls car Cambell.. Proud of you, Bret and Joey D..


  13. Mike Gawronski

    Too funny about Flem J’s attorney. A loser defending a loser. Flem J is nothing but a whining little twerp. After this trial, he needs to pack up and move to another country, where no one knows him, so the little cry baby can be safe. Boo Hoo!
    Love you Bubba and your Crew!!

    Riverview, Florida

  14. Matt

    Karma remains undefeated! Hopefully the governing body that overseas law professionals takes a good long look into this scumbag’s recent history.

  15. Audioholics

    I would still like to understand how Mr. Campbell representing MJ is NOT a conflict of interest since he is Bubba’s former attorney? How can this guy still be practicing law with 2 DUI’s? This case is bizarre.

  16. Ron Shank

    Thank god they got him off the road I was in a bad accident 5 years ago a 23 year old girl coming out of ybor crosed the center line and went head on with me she was killed and I am marked for life for something I did not do she is the same age as my daughter I wish they would do more to keep these ass holes off the road hope he never drives again oh by the way I am a captian in the bubba army and proud of it I go to all your events and have met all of guys should win hands down MJ is done you guys rock this has been the best radio ever everybody I know is talking about you and there all for you guys and girls no HOMO

  17. Sever

    Haaaaaahahaha, karma is a bitch indeed!!
    Bottoms up Phil! Bwaaahahaha

    Sever _ Wisconsin
    Captain, Bubba Army

  18. Jackie K.

    Freedom of Speech, will it prevail?, YES IT WILL!! and let the Constitution of The United States of America be protected and be respected and still have hundreds of years to still show our fighting pride. As a woman, I LOVE to listen to 102.5 The Bone Real Raw Radio!! I hope that Bubba can still be “Real and Raw”. when this NONSENSE goes away. I hope that everyone can STILL believe in our beautiful country and still have trust in Our Constitutional Rights as the Wonderful Country! Let FREEDOM win!

  19. Brent Williams

    how this man can continue to represent someone is beyond me, im not saying that all attorneys should be models of perfect behavior, but this man must feel an almost suffocating weight of shame for how he conducts himself. and i think its fortunate that no one was injured, law enforcement/first responders doing their job probably prevented that. bubba army !

  20. Lou Sasol

    Police are not reporting Campbell was porky piggying it when he was arrested.

  21. Boink

    I think Mr. Campbell was lying when he said he passed the Florida Bar. Clearly he was there most of the night!! :)

  22. jaydub

    bikes for badges anyone? I bet its no coincidence that this guy got popped.

  23. Wildthang

    I dont get it !! I just dont get it??Does this mean that wrestlers can sue one another?? Maybe MJ should really practice what he speaks !!Bubba you are just a Jabroni like the rest of us and You get it !! A work is a work !! Did anyone ever tell MJ that ???? LOL I guess not!! MJ is a real piece of work! GO BUBBA!!

  24. Tracy

    So now MJ’s attorneys want to call the DUI officer into court who arrested Campbell for doing his job? I admire Chief Castor for standing behind her department and for calling this trial, brought on by MJ, a “circus”.

  25. BillyRay

    Wow, Diaco is gonna take a hit for this one. Can you say “license to practice law is suspended”? Dumb and Dumber. Or maybe it’s the three stooges?

  26. Todd

    Believe on Thursday the quote was KARMA. As a long time fan of the show, that was a dick move on your atty’s behalf. In the public eye, you were winning everyone over by a large margin but you have lost a lot of that by a stupid setup. Guess that KARMA really is a bitch.
    Hope for all fans a talk show radio that you still win.

  27. Steve

    You guys are idiots you had the case in the bag and you go and pull a stupid stunt like this that’s some real good lawyers you have there ruin a perfectly good case just to try and destroy someone’s name you are no better than mj!!!!!!!!

  28. Jim

    Just wondering why Bubba hasn’t talked about suing Cowhead twice for the same type of ridiculous crap?

  29. terrific trim

    Bubba not only good but lucky to I mean can you ask for anything better than that just dont call hogans wife a whore might get that ass whopped

  30. john b

    Two laws that never get broken karma and gravity! You might defy them for a while but sooner our later they both put you in your place.good luck bubba.

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