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September 28th, 2009 by

Bubba the Love Sponge® recently did an interview with channel 8 news. Here is the two part interview. open source video, online video platform, video streaming, video solutions

open source video, online video platform, video streaming, video solutions

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  1. FoHead 45

    Holy shit manson looks hi as f. And what about ned

  2. tarryl


    This piece is nice. I really liked the part with you and your son being shown. This is a very nice peice.

  3. Bubba Army Fort Myers

    Did the Reporter call Brent.. Brett?

  4. Bigdog

    Very nice piece, family time is great. Could have shown Heather’s rack a little more.

  5. Sarge

    Bubba you rock!! I am proud of you!!

  6. Neesie

    Quarter midgets have been around a long time. My son raced 20 yrs ago in Ohio. Glad to hear about it again.

  7. eVo

    Bubba seemed a little out of norm for the camera when he was talking. but then again hes a radio guy and not a tv guy.

    FoHead you know Ned was out back smoking a fatty. Because the story wasn’t about him.

  8. D.Diggler

    rock on CRI, i want a CRI hat, do they have them in black?

  9. Rich Kilchrist

    Bubba, believe it or not; you give us who are part of the Bubba Army both pride and an example to emulate. First as the bad a– who leads the best radio show and as a father who is teaching his kids how to be great parents. Kudos!!

    Sirus Sat Fan..

  10. Chris

    Bubba, love ya man up here in Dayton but whats up with the sunglasses in a dark studio, kinda cheesy don’t ya think??

  11. Jim Couch

    Atta go Bubba, you are a great guy and what looks to be the perfect father, thanks for all the listening pleasure on Sirius.
    from Canada
    proud supporter Bubba Army!!!

  12. Chris

    Ned was blizowing his gizoat during this interview.

  13. dj

    love you bubba!!! you and the show have come a long way. rich kilchrist said it best… bubba army

  14. Mark D

    Sunglasses indoors? C’mon Bubba – you look like a chode.

    Who do you think you are, Kanye West?!

  15. Mike

    OMG! Manson was so high he kept looking away from the camera. You guys rock!!

  16. Dan Druff

    You should have included a piece in there about JabberJaw not losing her virginity into her 20′s cuz she’s got that Roast Beef Pu**y! I thought you guys said she was HOT? I would disagree, i have seen hotter chicks workin the corner beggin for crack! Nothing against her, i just think you made her out to more than she is. REALLY!

  17. Bryan R.

    Great story. You guys are the best. Would of liked to see ned threre.

  18. John M. S.Jersey

    Boy, Ned couldn’t stop spliffin long enough to join the interview? Man, Nedly has a brass pair don’t he? Anyway, thought you and the guys did great on the interview. Not too long not too short. Heather looks so different with her hair dark, still hot as hell just different. Lots of respect to ya on how you make time for your little guy. Lov ya like a brother Bubba keep pushin the great radio.

  19. Jim S.

    Good interview!! Good stuff Bubba!! To You and all the boys, Keep up the great work! Proud supporter of the Bubba Army!

  20. clint in canada

    Hey bubba rock on you are the man love the things you do with your family and still work you,r butt off please stay on the radio got to have my daily fix off bubba and ned you are funny as f##k your the man bubba

  21. tim conant

    great job fellas cant wait to hear yall again, after rollin my truck n may, im finally getting back 2 work tommorrow. rock on . talk 2 ya later trucker tim

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