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June 3rd, 2009 by admin

ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – “This is a Caylee bear,” said George Anthony last week in an exclusive interview, as he held up a small, plush teddy bear. In honor of his granddaughter, the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation is donating hundreds of these to local police agencies to hand to kids on scenes of difficult situations.

But should one visit the the address ” ,” on the Internet, a different bear appears. It has duct tape around its head and a heart-shaped sticker on the mouth. Sitting next to the bear is a silver trash bag. It mocks the circumstances surrounding the discovery of little Caylee’s remains on December 11, 2008.

Brad Conway, the attorney representing Caylee’s grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, told FOX 35 that the website is “sick.” He said he is working to get the site removed.

The website claims the stuffed toy to be part of the Casey Marie Anthony Foundation.
To order, one clicks on “contact our foundation,” and it sends a request to “”

Creators of the site boast that the bears came “free of charge in bulk, 200 per shipment.”

The site has had more than 53,000 page views. Conway isn’t the only one trying to shut this site down. Nearly 400 people have signed an online petition trying to abolish these bears and their site.

Complaint filed against Anthonys

A group of women have filed a complaint with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office against George and Cindy Anthony.

“We were all screaming. We didn’t know what to do,” said Lois Peter, one of the woman named in the complaint.

Peter said she believed her life was in danger. “Scared to death,” was how she described it.

On Monday evening, she said George and Cindy Anthony, along with the founders of the KidFinders Network, Dennis and Sheri Milstad, chased her, her daughter, granddaughter and girlfriend, all over the neighborhood.

Photographs which she took of the chase include one in which she claims is a pursuing George Anthony, behind the wheel of his car.

“George pulls right in front of us to stop us and the Milstads right behind them. We had to basically jump the curb to get away from him and he’s screaming, ‘I’ll call the sheriff,’” said Peter.

She believes it’s all over a cross which she placed in the area where a meter reader found Caylee’s remains.

She said in the past few days, every time they put one up, someone takes it down.

Last night the group staked out the area.

“Sure enough, there was Cindy and George’s vehicle down at the memorial. Cindy was at the back of the truck had the hood up to George’s vehicle, putting something in there an slammed the door down,” she said.

Lois said that was when the chase began.

She called 911 for help, and moments later they were met by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper.

“There’s nothing wrong with putting that cross there. Why do they have to be so hateful?” said Peter.

According to Brad Conway, the Anthonys claim that the women attempted to run them over, adding that he hopes to get to the bottom of what he is calling a “he said, she said story.”

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  1. lola

    I think glorifying any of this disgusting act is horrible. I could care less about the bears, I think they are simply making a point- a sick woman kills her own baby and we have to take time from our day to feed her families fire.

  2. sean

    site is inop now

  3. Bobby

    How could someone be as cold as to mock a tragedy with a teddy bear that theyre probably making money off of. Im sure if it were their child or grand child they would want the @**&)%# people to quit being so insensitive to their loss.
    PS By Im referring to George and Cindys loss, Casey is guilty.

  4. ronnie

    someone should send casey the murderer one for her jail cell where she will be spending the rest of her life until they execute her and when they do they should sew her eyes open and make her look at that stuffed bear when they get rid of this burden to society

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