Caught on Camera: Chemical Attack

February 16th, 2011 by Staff – A chemical attack at a Central Florida yogurt shop last week sent customers and employees scrambling for the door.
Almost all of them start coughing at once, and one person even fainted.
Police said it was some sort of chemical-like pepper spray that four teenagers unloaded in a packed Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt in Kissimmee on Friday night.
Store surveillance cameras captured the attack.
In it, the teenagers appeared to be joking around, but investigators said it’s not funny — it’s criminal.
Security video showed a group of girls.
One teenager looked around and then waved her hand.
Police said she was dousing the ground behind the cash register with a pepper spray-like toxin. Then, she gave a high-five to one of her friends.
Workers said they didn’t stop there.
“They sprayed behind the cash register, then by the machines and by the cold bar,” said employee Will Otero.
Police said the boy in the group walked over to the yogurt machine and sprayed the chemical again.
The smell overwhelmed customers and workers.
“It was a real strong odor. My eyes started burning, throat started burning,” said store manager Dan Jones.
“It was hard to breathe,” Otero said. “Everyone was coughing.”
Nearby, from a different camera, video showed a woman by the toppings bar.
She walked toward a man, rubbed her face and just as she was about to take a child from his hands she collapsed onto the ground.
Investigators said the chemicals caused her to have an asthma attack.
The teenagers were still in the store at that point and could be seen on video just standing there, before witness said they took off laughing.
“Especially when the lady collapsed, that’s not funny,” said worker Simone Floyd.
“I hope they’re more than embarrassed,” said Jones. “I hope they realize what they did was very serious.”
Employees evacuated customers, closed early for the night and tossed out the toppings that could have been contaminated.
It cost the business more than $1,000, but managers said they’re grateful the stunt didn’t cost someone their life.
The teenagers will face charges once they’re caught, police said.

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