Casey Anthony: Woman claims affair with George Anthony, says Caylee died accidentally

March 15th, 2010 by – George Anthony, the father of accused murderer, Casey Anthony, reportedly had a year-long extramarital affair with a woman, to whom he disclosed his grandaughter Caylee Anthony’s death was an accident.

Hal Boedeker with the Orlando Sentinel reports that the woman’s sister, Skye Benhaida, was the source for a WFTV story on Friday. Benhaida told reporter Kathy Belich that her sister and George began their affair just after Casey was arrested.

Casey is charged with the first-degree murder of Caylee and was arrested for the crime in 2008.

Belich reported that the woman has already spoken with investigators and was given a polygraph test. She also had two “intimate” photos of George, along with several “racy” text messages that she gave to police.

Bob Opsahl, a WFTV news anchor noted that the woman “looks a lot like the description George gave detectives of Zanny the nanny.” The alleged mistress’ sister told Belich that George “modeled his description of Zanny on her sister, down to the Asian-style tattoo on her arm,” Boedeker reports.

The woman also said her sister gave George about $5,000 and that he was given money by other women as well.

The report noted that officials would not confirm or deny the story and said that evidence not yet made public would not be discussed.

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  2. mak

    No way! If it were an accident, why in the hell wouldn’t they have said that in the first place? Duct Tape over the mouth isn’t an accident!

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