Casey Anthony Look-Alike Contest

July 19th, 2011 by Staff

Tired of the whole Casey Anthony story? Well we have one more Casey-related deal for you and then we’re done…promise! It’s the Casey Anthony Look-alike contest! If you look like Casey, then send us a picture and your information for the chance to win some kick ass prizes! Send your pic to

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13 Responses

  1. antibabykillingcunt

    Has BTLS jumped the shark?

  2. Patrick Dollins

    I think Casey Anthony is pretty hot so I’m really looking forward to Bubba’s Casey Anthony Look Alike Contest!

  3. Amy

    Who would want to look like Casey Anthony. I don’t, but if if I did, I would certainly be looking for donations to cover expenses of permanently changing my appearance! Actually, I’d like to change my look anyway … any helpers … beaters need not apply. HaHa.

  4. steve

    Oh the comedy at the Zoo. wow

  5. John

    Where are the pics from the submissions? Hope you’re not going to wait until deadline date to post!!

  6. Chrispy

    I so look forward to this, when are the pictures posting for the fans ?

  7. shanda

    If I looked liked the baby killer I would have plastic Surgery!!!

  8. Marinemike

    Steve can suck the hairpair(balls)

  9. Karl

    You criticize Larry for his Caylee tribute song that raises money for charity yet you have no problem taking advantage of the situation for a promotion?

  10. Tony

    Yup, BTLS was good while it was funny. Totally jumped the shark.

  11. Jay

    Oh Gawd………… Ned Forever (Shut that Dryer Off)

  12. Big Mac

    Baby killer or not, i’d hit it!!!

  13. Abby

    Is the contest still gonna be held? Bubba didn’t say anything about it today, at least I didn’t hear anything about it.

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