Calvin Klein X Underwear Commercial

April 9th, 2010 by

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  1. Brian


  2. tuggernutts

    I am pretty sure those guys were talkin to eachother. They all looked like a bunch of dick lickers.

  3. Bob

    Metrosexual men….In other words: Guys with the equipment, but can’t do what real men do. That is WORK. Doing those jobs that others can’t or won’t. Doing those jobs that seem demeaning but are absolutely essential. Try flushing your toilet if a sewer worker hasn’t done his job! If I sound a bit bitter….well I’ve been busting my ass for alot of years and not prancing around shacking my package on the screen. The Ladies, however, like it and sex sells. Just like those hot ladies we’ve watched on the screen and in the magazines and at the clubs, these guys will lure the women to a product. We are creating a weak minded generation with high expectations. It’s going to be rough for them when they don’t look that way, can’t get a hot partner, and realize what a hard days work is really about.

    Bob aka Rock
    No Bubba, it has nothing to do with my body. Some biker friends gave me that name when we went fishing one weekend and ALL I caught was ROCKS.

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