Caliente nudist resort to be scene of new TV reality show

October 20th, 2010 by Staff

LAND O’LAKES — In 2004, Paris Hilton called the middle-aged nudist crowd at Caliente Resort “gross” and “really old.”

Fast forward six years after the celebutant filmed an episode of her reality television show The Simple Life 2 there, the 125-acre clothing-optional resort is about to become the site of another reality show, one that puts the spotlight on young people.

Nak’d Truth. Reality. Stripped is set to start casting next month. The show will feature seven people ranging in age from 20 to 35 who get the winter job of their lifetime working at Caliente.

The catch? All cast members must remain in the buff 24-7 during the 30 days of filming.

However, audience members will see very little flesh, the show’s creator said. Camera crews plan to shoot creatively from the side or the chest up. All private parts will be blurred.

“It will be clean,” promised Harris F.B. Salomon, president of Atlantic Overseas Pictures LLC, the Los Angeles company producing the show. “We wanted something that pushed the reality show to the next level, but did not cross the line and that’s really cool.”

Cast members will be given jobs such as towel girl, bartender, and social director. Women will live in one room, and men will share another. During their free time, cast members will get to use the luxury resort’s amenities.

Salomon, who said he is not a nudist, got the idea over the summer while brainstorming possible new reality shows.

“I bet a lot of people wonder what it’s like to have been to one of those places,” he said.

He researched nudist resorts and found Caliente, with its website of attractive young people hanging out by the pool.

Most resorts are filled with people who are “older, out of shape, not the type of people on reality shows,” he said. “Caliente is the only one that caters to people between 20 and 30 years old.”

No network has signed on yet to air the show, but Salomon said some have expressed interest.

Caliente spokeswoman Debbie Bowen said more than 100 people have applied to be on the show. She said the producers wanted younger people as the main cast members to ensure this would be their first experience being naked in public.

Residents who value their privacy needn’t worry, she added. Camera crews’ schedules and locations will be posted.

Built in 2004, Caliente competed heavily with nearby Paradise Lakes and Lake Como. Then it changed its marketing strategy to attract younger people with events like an “Eyes Wide Shut” party featuring masks (and little else).

In 2008, the racier fare, and criticism that the club tolerated swingers, prompted the American Association for Nude Recreation to send out letters reminding its affiliates of the family atmosphere it expects its charter clubs to maintain. Caliente then withdrew its membership.

Bowen said Tuesday the club remains committed to wholesome values, and she hopes The Nak’d Truth will present a positive picture of nudism.

“While (the show) is sexy, sensational and groundbreaking, it is not porn,” she said. “The producers wish to simply portray the nudist lifestyle to a national television audience in a reality venue.”

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