Bucs Fan Facing Legal Action From Team

May 25th, 2010 by admin

TAMPA – A longtime Bucs fan may face legal action from the team he’s always cheered for. He says he can’t afford his season tickets any longer, but now he may be forced to pay more than $50,000 to break his contract with the team.

Mike Carey raises cows for a living, but lives to root for the Bucs, and has for 30 years.

“We are very proud of the Buccaneers,” said Carey.

So when the dairy business started drying up in 2009, he says things on the farm got a little tighter. Luxuries and perks like Bucs season tickets were now off the table.

“I would love to go to Bucs games but I have to set my priorities first,” said Carey.

But this month, Mike was surprised to get a certified letter warning him he was behind on his payments and if he didn’t follow through, his case would go to arbitration.

“I have four season tickets,” said Carey. “There was never a discussion on going down to two tickets. There was never a discussion about having cheaper season tickets. It was this way or no way.”

Even though he signed a contract for luxury club seats, Mike says he just couldn’t afford them any more. He also put down a $2,000 deposit which he says he will likely lose.

Recently, the Bucs lowered ticket prices after sales were down. There is even a looming threat of TV blackouts in the Tampa Bay area this season if home games don’t sell out. Knowing this, Mike was really hopeful the Bucs would work with him on new seats or a new contract. But since he hasn’t gotten anywhere, he says he will probably have to continue rooting for his team from his living room.

“I’d love to go to Bucs games, I’d love to attend, but at this time it’s a financial situation. It’s not the Bucs,” said Carey.

The Bucs organization responded to FOX 13′s call for comment with the following statement:

“The Buccaneers, like other sports teams and businesses, are understanding of current economic circumstances, and are eager to work with existing club seat holders regarding their contracts. We are offering various remedies, including long-term payment plans, to help individuals and companies with their accounts. As always, we are very thankful for our ticket holders and are confident we can work together toward a solution.”

2 Responses

  1. Ryan

    This story is why I hate the news. So what is the deal here? The guy owes $50,000 to break his contract with the team? I just checked and the club seats are $400/game. 10 games a year is $4,000/seat times 4 seats = $16,000.

    So where does the other $34,000 come from? I mean have they been giving this guy “free” tickets for the last 5 years or something?

    It figures that you can’t go online and read the contract for tickets but I was always under the impression you could drop them when you wanted. So did this guy just not properly “drop” the tickets which locked him in for this year? If so… sorry dude you owe your payments.

  2. clubseat


    It’s true. it’s a 10 year contract to purchase seats for all 10 years. Club seats are 199 to 400. The rumor is that they send all the letters and don’t enforce it. U can’t actually drop, but when there was a waiting list it wasn’t a big deal. I plan to drop and if so, I want to see records of the actual waiting list. I think they hyped it up to get people to sign these long contracts

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