Bubba’s New Favorite Politician

May 19th, 2010 by admin

17 Responses

  1. rondog

    Damn Dale come to Florida and run for office here, I like the straight talk, no making promises never kept, shoot from the hip style, you daaaa man

  2. george

    Kick Ass! OoooRah!

  3. Scott

    Grade A American Badass. $ 5 Billion? And I thought Commissioners just put stickers on gas pumps.

  4. Chris


  5. Dave


  6. Ned

    Very intelligent Dave. Bet you win every argument.
    Dale Peterson is the man.

  7. Ned's Sheep

    Dale Peterson for President!!! X2

  8. Mark

    f**ken stupid cowboy

  9. RonG


    That dude could be an honorary Texan!

  10. Hector Seiglie

    we need this guy down here in Miami to straighten out the scamming, lying two faced politicians here starting with the lying criminal mayor and and the rest of his corrupt staff.

  11. adman

    He should have shown the horse’s ass when he was asking “Who would brag about taking illegal donations…” Some of these guys need just a little professional help with their ads…

  12. Philip K Miller

    You need an App for the “Pussifacation of America” on Face book ! My challenge is ” bet they wont allow it ” ! If I mis-spelled please correct me . America is broken ! Phil Miller North Port , Florida,

  13. josh

    we need him in fl to figure our mess out.

  14. Shoe from TN

    i wonder how much EPA charged truck drivers for diesel spills last year, 200 gallons of diesel or less. check that out and lets see how much they fine BP.

  15. Leslie Agecoutay

    Dam, wish we had politicians like that here in the Great White North (Canada) Staight from the Hip.

  16. Del the Vein

    I wish we had politicians like that in Scotland!!!!

  17. robert

    If you dont like this guy, you are not a man, you are a tree hugger,colon patroller, an immigrant, or somethings I cant mention on here. Dale is a man’s man and is only saying what 99% of RED blooded true Americans think. Dave you need to go have a miller lite that is if you will take off your skirt and the bartender will give you one

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