Bubba’s Guns Stolen from Car

June 19th, 2009 by


ST. PETERSBURG – Car thieves broke into the sport utility vehicle of shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem Wednesday night and stole two guns he had in a fanny pack – a Kel-Tec .32 caliber handgun and an FNH 5.7 handgun, St. Petersburg police said. Clem is allowed to have the weapons as he has a concealed weapons permit, said St. Petersburg police spokesman George Kajtsa.

Clem was bowling with friends at the Sunrise Lanes bowling alley, 6393 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N., when his car was broken into at about 11 p.m. Someone punched the lock to get inside.

Within hours, St. Petersburg police say they arrested two men and one teenager in connection with the break-in, as well as a couple of other car burglaries at the bowling alley. The recovered Clem’s firearms, along with a department-issue Glock .40 caliber handgun that had been stolen from the sport utility vehicle of Maj. Donnie Williams, of the St. Petersburg Police Department, when Williams was off-duty on June 13, said St. Petersburg police spokesman Bill Proffitt.

Nicholas McCant, 19, of St. Petersburg, was charged with two counts of armed burglary to a vehicle, one count of burglary to an unoccupied conveyance, one count of resisting arrest with violence, and two counts of violating his probation from previous theft charges.

The second suspect was identified as Mario McCant, 20, of St. Petersburg, who was charged with armed burglary to a vehicle and with resisting arrest without violence.

The third suspect was identified as Kevatae Jermaine Caldwell, 16. He is charged with one count of auto burglary.

Police could not say how the McCants are related.

Three hours before Clem’s Chevrolet Suburban was burglarized, police received a report that a vehicle had been burglarized as 901 North Shore Drive N.E. A witness told authorities the suspects were driving around in a white Chevrolet Tahoe, Proffitt said.

A short time later the suspects burglarized four cars – including Clem’s – at the bowling alley, Proffitt said.

Later, undercover detectives spotted the Tahoe and followed it to a spot in the vicinity of 38th Avenue North and 49th Street North, where they arrested the two McCants and Caldwell. A fourth suspect bolted, but authorities are looking for him.

All told, detectives recovered six handguns from the Tahoe – including Clem’s and Williams’, Proffitt said. They are trying to determine how the suspects came into the possession of the other three. They are also trying to determine whether the Tahoe has been reported stolen.

Reporter Stephen Thompson can be reached at (727) 451-2336.

30 Responses

  1. MizATT

    Fat guy. Bowling. Handguns.
    It’s Bubba Sobchak.
    You think I’m Fing around here? Mark it zero!
    …It’s a league game, Smokey.

  2. big country

    A fanny pack? you just lost your mancard you big sidewalk sissy.

  3. Duncan woloshin

    Should put them on the rack and shock collar. Let bubba. Run it. Think they’ll think twice once bubba done with them

  4. bigfloppydonkeydick

    holy shit. my house burned down and i went to work the next day. guess Blubba needed some man time with hootie

  5. ReTaRtEd WhOrE

    i wish someone would steal my guns so i could have a day off

  6. fatass2

    i hope i never have to hear…guess that tv show tune…. ever again

  7. art buf

    country took my comment. was the fanny pack one of those neon green and bright blue joints you see nerds wearing on the beach..lol. just a thought here but maybe you shouldn’t tell the world where you’ll be at every week on your own time. or have a better place to keep your gun in your car.

  8. Cousss

    Thought that was 25 on the left.

  9. roadkill

    dont worry bubba you can still keep your man card. I also have a fag bag I carry for my weapon. you know a person would have to be out of there mind to confront a man with a fag bag on there hip because it almost has got too have a gun in it why else would one carry the ugly damn thing.

  10. roadkill

    it`s ok bubba you can keep your man card i also carry a fag bag for my weapon with that a person would have too be out of there mind to confront a person with a fag bag on there hip because it almost as got to have a gun in it why else would one carry the ugly thing.

  11. First Time

    A Kel-Tec?? Come on Bubba!!

  12. kelltikdragun666

    seems like most of the comments i just read are from the stern fag network,but one comment was really good was putting them on the torture rack,better yet they should be water borded,then break out the fan for shit hits the fan.

  13. Arleen

    People are way to worried about what you carry your guns in and why you take a day off. ( Do they think that it makes them look cool getting a jab in at you). They should be more worried about what could have happen if these guys did not get caught. (I would be worried) How did they knew what vehicles had guns in them. They had 6 guns in there possession 3 that was stolen. What do you think it was escalating too? They obviously were not concerned about breaking the law. Innocent by standers or children could have got shot or killed by these guys. I think the POLICE departments should get noticed more for doing a thrall job (investigations) on less money from the government.

  14. Morley

    First off you have to put your concealed carry in a container that closes…. when it is not on your side. they make fanny pack looking things alot of real men use. plus yesterdays show really reminded me of how amazing bubba sounds on the radio. spice did a good job though

  15. grubby b

    Hey dumbasses bubby took a day off big deal!! he probally had to go down to the police station. and so what if he had his guns in a fanny pack.you bitches get off bubba’s back
    Bubba you and the guys keep up the good work

  16. ukme

    Real Men Carrie real guns. not 32 cal.
    Don’t bust me up

  17. pat

    missed ya Thursday
    good police work

  18. Groundhog

    St. Pete 5 0 on their game to get them that quick.I thought the show was great a little laid back turned back a notch if you will!I think Bubba should take one day a month off and let the boys do there thing,keep up the good work.

  19. redneck

    yooo bubs happy to here the reason you misssed a shows was not to serious and you and your family are safe!!!

  20. Pzyko Freddy

    Glad to see not all haters out there. How pathetic do you have to be to down someone for a day off. If I could I would. Go back to your little FAGGOT mesage boards and be miserable together.

  21. Big Todd

    So glad Bubba only missed 1 day, the show sucks with Spice in charge.

  22. Woodcock

    Bubba Bubba Bubba……Did that douchebag from NY really scare you that much? Plus, whats a 32 cal going to do to anybody? Why may I ask didnt you take the 32 cal inside with you. As long as you weren’t in the bar, you’re golden.

  23. STEVEN M.

    Bubba, you are still the man. i hope those creeps get whats comming to them.

  24. Icepick

    Why do all you “haters” have to leave a statement? If you don’t like the show or what any of the guys have to say then turn the channel to hits 1 or some other channel and quit hating…it is pointless and annoying!!!

  25. the real 25 cent.

    concealed weapon permit means keep it on you bubba. not in the car.

  26. Common Sense

    B.C.,since these “geniuses” (products of Florida’s public school system, no doubt) have already ripped into you, all I’m going to say is just be more careful, kid.

  27. Kyle From CANADA

    Thats funny,I’m glad Bubba got them back.I see who ever posted this left out the last small paragraph from the original article.Thats the funny part.

  28. rabbid

    Fanny pack…….The only fanny pack is your stomach….

  29. Bear

    Glad to hear that all is well and it was not something really serious.As to the day off? after having to deal with filing reports and all that stuff takes a while….. I missed bubba on the show, but it was stil god….

  30. T

    According to records from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Clem also accidentally left one of his guns inside a fanny pack with his concealed weapons permit at a Taco Bell restaurant in 2004. That gun was returned to Clem without incident.

    Eating f’ing too amy tacos and forgetting your gun. Geez Bubby. Food, and getting tea bagged by the Hulkster. Looks like a bright future form us listeners.

    Try In and Out Burger, but don’t take your fanny pack, you will lose your mind. those burgers are real good.

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