Bubba’s Drug Test

June 16th, 2009 by

Adderall is an amphetamine and will show up on a drug test as such. If you have a legitimate prescription, then it won’t be a problem. It should not be detectible in your system after 2-3 days of not taking it. Claritin D is an antihistamine that reduces the natural chemical histamine in the body. Histamine can produce symptoms of sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and runny nose. The only reason both of these substances combined will fail a drug test is because Claritin D is used to make Methamphetamines. Normal people that are prescribed Adderall and Claritin will have a harder time passing a drug test, unless they can prove otherwise. The question then becomes will Meth heads have the best excuse and will have time to get off Meth for the next drug test.

Bubba’s Drug Test


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  1. stephen

    that is some yellow piss.

  2. mike poony

    Dammm bubba your all speeded out and shizzz!!!

  3. Montana Outlaw

    As a recovered Meth addict, your answer is YES methheads do know about this excuse, But, so do parole/probation officers.

  4. josh f

    shake it up fizzz shizz

  5. piss tester

    drink more water bubba, no wonder you have kidney stones.

  6. walter duke

    hey bubba,

    i also am on adderall xr. as for the so call trucker that called in and said that he could not be on this med due to the DOT regs is incorrect! ive been on it for a while now and befor my doctor would give it to me we had to research if it was a banned med. its not! i have been tested and when i take the test all i have to do is produce the bottle with my name and the date it was perscribed. well i just want you to know the facts!! keep up the good work man.
    walter duke.
    otr trucker for 5 years!!!

  7. Todd Akers

    The reason the combination is continuing to test positive is not that claritin is packed full of ephidrine, which is one of the main ingredients of methamphetamine! In fact is the only difference between METH and industrial strength cleaner!!

  8. Todd Akers

    The main reason is the fact that ephidrine is one of the main ingrediants, in fact it is one the main ingrediants in claritin D as well, so Nascar needs to do a little more homework befor letting Mayfield go I know he is a prick but that doesnt mean he should lose his career over a mistake, or maybe he is a METh head who knows but if I had to guess he probebly does as much meth as Bubba does!!!

  9. Todd Akers

    Ephedrine is the answer to the problem

  10. Todd Akers

    wow sorry i didnt think my stuff was working did not mean to send so many responces

  11. Mike

    Is that apple cider? Sweet lord..

  12. Common Sense

    Don’t show that cup of piss to that one boy scout. He’ll start to salivate.

  13. Matt OD

    Bubba it looks like your piss took a piss!

  14. Adrian

    Dang Bubba!!! That doesn’t look like piss, it looks like freaking apple juice!!!! haha!! Drink more H2O man!

  15. Carla

    Hey, wondering what happened with re-tests today??


    P.S. I’m a new listener and love the show!!

  16. kyle aka kizz

    this fng asshole named todd akers seems like hes on meth, stop being a hater and lean off the drugs sir. bubba army bubba army

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