Bubbapalooza Pittsburgh

April 28th, 2009 by admin


It’s finally here….Pittsburgh’s pay-off for winning the Superbowl!

Bubbapalooza Pittsburgh 2009

* Date: Friday May 1, 2009
* Time: 12pm est. time for ON SALE
* Tickets: 350 VIP tickets will go on sale $49.95 (VIP Meet and Greet with a goodie bag)
* Tickets can be purchased Ticketmaster.com, the venue or BTLS.com
* Ticket giveaways: 970
* VIP Meet and Greet: 6:00-7:45
* 18 and Up show
* Doors Open at 8:00pm
* Show starts: 9:00pm


Palace Theater
21 W Otterman St
Greensburg, PA 15601

74 Responses

  1. Darren Strait

    What is the actual date of the show?

  2. Travis

    I can not wait for this show

  3. Jason Martin

    Just moved to SW Florida from Memphis, TN and I have been a big Bubba fan since you guys started on satalite. Are you going to do a BubbaPalooza in the Tampa area anytime soon? I would love to come to any event and meet the guys! You guys ROCK!

  4. Mike

    Didn’t Bubba promise Phoenix (repeatedly) that if they were re-signed that they would come back for another show there? Seems like the Phoenix folks (that he “loves so much”) got screwed on this deal when it was taken away from them after the Super Bowl – which wasn’t part of the original deal.

  5. Mike

    Posting the date of the show would have helped, Guido!

  6. Hogan's Mighty Dick Vein

    Yeah…way to leave out the actual DATE of the show! Meatheads!

  7. Roguepainter

    Man I Wanna GO!!!!!

  8. Nick


    according to the Palace Theatre website, the date is September 26th.

  9. PGHMike

    Greensburgh hell no! thats like saying gonna have show in Tampa then book a palace in Haines City…You jackass…Come on nobody goes to Greensburgh Pa…Look at a map me and my boys gonna grab your fat ass in greensburgh make you walk to Pittsburgh tool…

  10. Megan Prince

    You will dig the Palace Theatre. Be sure to check out the Red Star brewery.

    Take care,
    Megan Prince
    Bend, OR

  11. Bobbo

    So, I have not been able to listen all week, how do I get the freebies?

  12. MasonDixonChad-O

    The show is Saturday, September 26th.

  13. Dave Slate

    This will be the biggest thing to hit Greensburg in one hell of a long time.I can’t wait till then.

  14. Ken

    How the F do you get the free ones????

  15. Dave Slate

    This will be the biggest thing to hit Geensburg in a long time. I can’t wait till then.

  16. Meatball

    How do you get the free tickets? Ticketmaster only has the meet & greet tix.

  17. Joshua

    Are the meet and greets gone already??? I have to get tickets to see BUBBA!!!!

  18. chris spellings

    hey when areu coming to louisville ky or are u guys i love to hear back

  19. John Reilly

    Sold Out Willey it looks like we have try for freebies . Come on guys another Florida date like Orlando would be nice , Jacksonville was the excellent and now it time for central Florida .

  20. Jennifer Wilson

    My husband and i have meet and greet tickets to the show!! We are so excited! Cant wait!!! My husband has been a long time fan of yours!

  21. John

    Scored a Meet and Greet so I’m traveling from Boston! Can’t wait to meet you all and thank you in person for the kick ass show you do (“censored” or not) every day!!!

  22. Erik

    What if your a cheap ass mark like myself and want a free ticket? How do I get one?

  23. Marty

    Hey guys you were sold out in less than an hour, most tickets sold out in 20 minutes damn, now I have to try to get freebies. Well local fireman from the area and will try to meet you when you get to town if you hang out at the bars.

  24. Julie

    Meet and greets again baby!!! We had front row meet and greets for Jacksonville, Fl. and ya”ll ROCK!!!! 540 miles and we’ll be there!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!! South Carolina :)

  25. Dave Slate

    Bubba you and the boys will like Greensburg. We will have to go for drinks after the show

  26. Jim

    Awesome that you guys are still doing bubbapalooza, but when are you guys coming to Denver.

  27. jason

    when will you be coming to calgary, ab?

  28. Cactass Dupree

    Thank God, I found you out of Miami ( 93 somethin) surfing during a bob and ton break. I suffered through Tex and The Fairy for to long then Queer Channel traded them with bob and tom in the am. I’ve missed you and your crew. Happy to be back. I like The Lov Docs at 10:00. They got me started back in “92″. Give me some more NED and PEACE

  29. Chris G

    Hey Bubba,Ned,Brent,Manson and Spice
    when are u sick bastards going to come and give your canadian fans a good old fashiond brewhaha ???
    Love u guys in a non faggot way.
    Come to canada and feed the Babba machine

  30. Chris G

    Sorry correction come to canada and feed the BUBBA machine
    WOW need to lay off the ausome alberta weed!!!

  31. Jason W

    Too bad this is in Greensburg and not Pittsburgh – not even close. Also; they should have made it Friday night…then they could have went to Penn State’s white out game on the 26th in State College.
    Hope the turn out is good.

  32. Sean K.

    Have been out of town since 4/30/09 and being that the meet-n-greets are sold out…How do I obtain two free tickets?


  33. Mike L.

    How do I get the freebies?

  34. J. MeHauf

    Ned Raped my Dogg at the last show, there’s No Way Spot and I r gonna miss this Show!!!

  35. glenn haskell

    hi im from phoenix we were robed by the reefs through out the game it should be our bubba pollooza

  36. Bill K

    Glenn Haskell is a crying bitch. “Whaaa The Steelers kicked our ass. Whaaa.”

  37. skid marks

    donnas dad is a fag somebody should kick his fag ass…

  38. bill t

    cant wait to see you , marks…haha

  39. Tim

    Good to hear that your comeing to steel town

  40. bill p

    How can I get 2 free tickets?

  41. Randy B.

    FTE here would love to get 2 tickets so the old lady and I can see you guys .

  42. kyle

    THANKS BUBBA you are the best i am so glad you gave me free tickets your FLE (FULL LINEMAN EFFECT) PA GREAT SHOW KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  43. ryan

    I’m from the burgh and a bubba mark. How can I get 2 free tickets from yenz? All of the VIP’s were sold out. Thanks! Can’t wait to see the show.

  44. c. reesman

    thanks bubba for the tickets, can’t wait!!;)

  45. John T

    Thanks so much for the FREE TICKETS! You’re the best. They look great on my refrigerator! See you in Sept!

  46. Tony Glover

    I am from outside of Morgantown WV. I would like to get a couple of tickets for the show up in Greensburg pa. thanks

  47. Tim

    This is going to be one crazy show

  48. Phatman

    We need you back in Phoenix ASAP. Your last show here was the greatest. Thanks The Phatman

  49. Joel Robinson

    Going to be a great show. Are there any free tickets left,and how do I get them? You guys do a great job on both show. Thanks, Joel from Ohio

  50. Big Bob W.

    Hey Jabrones, i’ve been all over Ticketmaster since you announced the show. SOLD OUT!!! I check my e-mail, no info on gettin free tix. I hope this is the way. How about loading Hoodie into the SRT and him and Ned burnin a wheel on their way to the Burgh!!! (My old lady)Bald Eagle Jones and I would like to see you crazy sum-of-a-bitches!!! HAHAHA!!!

  51. Joshua

    This mark needs two tickets for the Pittsburgh show. I cant wait to see you guys…

  52. Amy O

    I’d love to get two tickets for the Pittsburgh show. Is this the way to do so, or do you have to call in and answer Bubba Trivia like I’ve been hearing idiots try to do these past weeks? :)

  53. Big Fan

    Greensburg is a shithole, you should have actually come into Pittsburgh itself.

  54. Better Off

    What’s the deal on the free tickets? You should do two shows for the damn Pens’ now.

  55. Hatley's Hair

    Slide Job Jones and I will be there, and can’t wait to see ya’ll!!! And somebody PLEASE bring some slizzzuts for us single marks!!! (or at least some of Roethlisbergers sloppy seconds)

  56. Jason

    I just started listening to tour show about a year ago and now am a huge fan. Can’t wait to see you in Greensburg I was able to get meet and greats very excited. Keep up the good work

  57. brian

    i am also trying to find tickets,man i live right near there ,keep trying to call show no luck. don’t worry plenty of slizz there fellas.some of the most nasty strip clubs,lol,any fellow FTE will verify…love the show good job

  58. Lou

    Anybody from Atlantic City area driving to the show??

  59. Ty

    Yo, cuz…. I’m tryin to get some tickets, too… Please help a nizz out!?! If they’re not givin anymore away and someone has an extra one, I’d be willing to buy for a fair price…

    email: skarfacety@comcast.net

  60. Gunnett

    How the hell do you see about getting tickets, gunnett@gmail.com

  61. Jimbo

    I got 2!!!!!!!

  62. Melissa

    How do you get free tickets? I’ve e-mailed twice with no reply. Please let me know about this .

  63. Big Houseman

    Thanks for the tickets. Cant wait for the show !!!!!!

  64. jr

    I want to think my wife so much.. she got to free tickets for us… thanks bubba and crue for picking us to go. We went to the the cleveland show and loved every aspect of the show…HOW DO I FIND OUT IF THESE R MEET AND GREETS????

  65. full triaxl effect

    im sooooo fing pumped i got my tickets yesterday , and im ready for the show. thank bubba and crew!!!! 10-4

  66. bob martin

    bubba what is the deal with yoy
    r show i havent been made aware of the fact that your on the afternoon drive on xm but its pre recorded what the dealio kid stand by your fans that pay 1300 thats thirteen dollars a month give us a live show othr than on friday we all know howard takes weeks at atime off an d thats frustrating bubba you guys are funny as hell and i know you cant please everybody but comon kid step up

  67. Ken M.

    Big “Marks” in Pittsburgh and my FTE brother just lost his ride. He could use a lift; any chance for two tickets?

  68. Miles

    Hey Bubba and the guys can’t wait I got front row and meet and greats! I live only a few blocks away, it will be a great time see you back stage! Can’t wait

  69. REZZ420

    Yoyoyoyoyoyoyo! Got two meet and greets, can’t wait! Miles, my friend who’s coming with lives a few blocks away too! Good to see the Bubba Army is alive and well in Greensburg!! Ned Rules!

  70. Jamz

    How do I get tix to the show? I’ve tried since the onsale date. Been a fan since your Sirius show. SHOCK THE PUSS!!!!

  71. Nate

    SPONGE!!! Are there any tickets left? If so, what do I have to do to get some? There’re 4 of us in Harrisburg PA that would love to make the trek. More than happy to pay if the free ones are gone.

  72. Bob Williams

    What’s the scoop on the free tickets?? 4 Pgh marks here ready to head to the show.

  73. mike joseph

    ty bubba, recieved my 2 free tickets! Can’t wait to see you all! FTE (ohio) love yas in a non faggot way!

  74. Tim

    another local Pittsburgh BTLS fan. This is a cool way to say thanx to the Steeler nation. Would like a hook up for 2 free tix. Can’t wait till the Florida boys take the stage!!

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