Bubba Window Stickers

May 1st, 2009 by admin


Show everyone you are a member of the Bubba Army with our official truck window graphic. Looks great on any Truck or SUV rear window. Image is on see-thru vinyl panel. Self stick and trim to size as needed.

The Window Graphic is available in 3 sizes listed below:

Small and Midsized vehicles – 6″x7 1/2″ $9.95

Pick-up Trucks – 12″x15″ $29.95

SUV’s – 67″x22″ $99.95

Get more info at www.BubbaArmy.com

14 Responses

  1. Keith

    Im not good with decals .. wanted the 67″x22″ for my dodge ram 1500 but dont want to take a $100 chance of messing it up when I try to put it on.

  2. fish hook

    What about a small banner for the front windshield strip. I already have some stuff on the back window for my F150. Also have the small black bubba army sticker when you buy something on the back window and a tribute to my father that passed away.

  3. Scorch

    Hey Keith, Order one and take it into your local window tinting or auto decal shop and they’ll be able to apply it for you.

  4. Poe

    Use windex or soapy water when putting on the stickers. As longs as you don’t touch it together you should be fine.

  5. Richie

    If anyone needs instructions on how to apply these decals and items needed feel free to email me at richiedesigns@aol.com and ill email you the instructions to print out. Laying these decals is much easier than people realize.

  6. norman mcbride

    need two for each side of mt bronco.

  7. Buck Thompson

    That’s great, I never thought about Bubba Window Stickers like that before.

  8. thomas

    will the 6x 71/2 sticker fit on a med size car like a hyundai sonata? and not look stupid?

  9. RED

    I’m Gettin one….

  10. RAM

    I have a full size pickup with a middle slider opens both ways,any suggestions on which size decal?

  11. Corrie

    I put a small sized one on my supercharged ’99 Miata. It’s all black with black tinted windows so it looks great being that the decal is in white.
    It’s fairly large but it still works with smaller cars.

  12. Speed King Signs

    We will be more than happy to make any sticker for bubba army windshield back or car or any other size needed with permission from bubba

  13. tom

    found it real hard to put on decal , it now has a crease in it can i get a new one please

  14. Steve Krug

    We need bubba army stickers we need 3 of them for our vehiches we are loyal listeners since 98 rock pls help

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