Bubba TLS Adds Detroit’s “Bone” To Tampa, Charleston, Fort Meyers Affils

January 5th, 2012 by Staff

On the heels of Bubba the Love Sponge re-upping a multi-year contract with Cox Media Group’s rock WHTP (102.5 FM The Bone) Tampa, Bubba soaks up another market: Detroit. The station is Tim Martz-run modern rock translator-driven W232CA/107.5 WGPR-HD3 (94.3 The Bone). Bubba the Love Sponge starts mornings Wednesday, January 11. Bubba also airs on WRKX (96.1 K-Rock) Fort Myers, WYBB (98 Rock) Charleston, S.C., and RadioIO.com.

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  1. David in Detroit

    Nice to see the show coming to Detroit… There are many old fans here that lost touch with the show when it left Sirius…

  2. charlie

    Hey Bubba,
    Just wanted to let you know that 94.3 in detroit the signal is horrible. My office is in Bloomfield hills, about 25 minutes north of downtown D and there is nothing but static. I went to Novi this weekend witch is about 30 minutes west of downtown and again nothing but static. It sucks for you guys, but not me since I listen on Radio IO.

  3. chris

    Bubba the 943 signal is shitty you can only hear static what a waste of time I hope they are planning to redo the signal I wish I could hear the show. Waste!?!’

  4. chris hoffstud

    Bubba the 943 is impossible to hear from wyandotte to upper east side of detroit waste of time

  5. Steve

    Chris I live in Ocala, Florida where there is NO radio signal.

    Since your on the internet, listen by going to radioio(http://www.radioio.com/btls/channels/bubba-one-live/?rp=genre/btls)

    While driving in my truck I use a cable between my iphone and radio and it works great! radioio as well.

  6. Alex

    Bubba first off you rule, Ned is my hero never die Ned! Raised in tampa last 24 years moved to port huron in fall you will rule this town if the people can here you. All the factorys listen to Drew and Mike and I think their nut-house jobbers, they suck it’s the MJ of Detroit. Fix the signal!!! p.s Manson Weed is legal here, it’s awsome!

  7. John

    Ft. Myers idiots.

  8. erick

    it’s about time!i love the love the bubba the love sponge show.i would hear you guy’s when you where on sirius.you guy’s are the only few things good on detroit radio.drew and mike blow.

  9. Greg

    Welcome to Detroit Bubba! Bring Aubrey for a meet and greet!

  10. The Fight Boss

    Hello Bubba,

    A warm welcome to Detroit my friend.
    There is much truth regarding the signal strength but we’ll make it work.
    Enjoy your show and looking forward to having my fighters on the show with you….

  11. Brian

    It’s a shame you go to Detroit and less then a month later the station ceases to operate. I don’t live there but I loved the station and now it is gone

  12. Steve

    Some called howard stern show acouple of weeks ago an said he heard bubba coming back to surius an howard said no comment at this time lets hope we can bubba back where he belongs. STeve

  13. ron

    i wish u guys would get a radio station in st louis or southern illinois miss the show

  14. tim

    the fte needs you back on sirius……

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