Bubba the Love Sponge takes on Pill Mill database

February 22nd, 2011 by Staff

St. Petersburg, Florida - 10 News is debuting a new segment called, “Bring It On Bubba” featuring commentary by local radio host Bubba the Love Sponge.

Bubba takes on Governor Rick Scott’s proposal to repeal the prescription drug monitoring database.

Bubba’s commentaries will air a couple of times a week on 10 News at 11pm and we want to hear your feedback here in our comments section.

3 Responses

  1. Local Seo Mike

    Its a real problem. I happen to know hundreds of people addicted to these pain pills. How is it that these people run from one Dr to the next and the Gov wants to X this database. I spoke to a few Dr.s they are for it. It would be a tool they could use to double check the new pill head coming in, of course after the 1st visit at 250-400 dollars. Get the money and discharge. Walgreen, CVS are not the issue, its the onsite pill dispensary sites that pump out the high volume. I can say I have found a few up and up Dr.s who turn away $$$ rather than have them in there waiting room.

    Local SEO Mike

  2. Ryan

    I work in LEO here in Kentucky and I can tell you that the vast majority of our diverted prescription pills originate from Florida pill mills. The practive of traveling to the sunshine state from eastern Kentucky is so common an airline (Aligent Air) now offers deeply discounted flights from Lexington, KY and from Huntington, WV to various cities in Florida for less than 80 bucks. The florida pills mills are so popular some offer special days where they only see Kentucky patients. The florida pill mills are so popular that some actually advertise in local print media here in eastern Kentucky. Just in the area I work we averqage 3-5 overdose deaths per week. Many can be directly linked to Florida pills.

  3. mel biddle

    Good morning Bubba and show. I have been listening to you since Q102 and have almost always supported you and this continues with the recent pill mill issue and Rick Scott showing his support for not having a database for these places. I have been going through hell with my soon to be ex wife because of her addiction to these damn pills. She has been going to three different pain clinics using my insurance at one and cash at 2 others. This has destroyed my family and continues to destroy my children. The kids live with me and have not seen or spoken to their mom since October. I got DCF involved and it was a nightmare. My kids told them about her nodding out with them in the car and almost driving them into a lake. She gave DCF a sob story about me brainwashing the kids and the bitch was gonna close the investigation as me harassing her. I contacted Charlie Crist and his office got them to keep the investigation open and since they have accused me of
    doing drugs and I have passed their tests. My story is all too common in this state and all over. Thanks for spreading the truth and not claiming some bullshit about patients privacy rights. What about my kids rights? I dont wanna be the one that has to tell them their mom was found dead.

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