Bubba the Love Sponge speaks with 10 Connects on Haiti comments

January 22nd, 2010 by

Tampa, Florida (WTSP)- It’s the story Bubba the Love Sponge wanted heard, not misconstrued. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way.

Bubba recently came under fire for making comments on the situation in Haiti after a massive earthquake struck the impoverished nation. He says the point he was trying to make was that the United States had enough problems of its own, without sending resources needed here to Haiti.

Those comments, he says, didn’t come out quite right.

In an effort to explain himself, Bubba granted 10 Connects the one and only interview he’s given to any television station.

“If I was to say something to the people out there, I’d say, I’m sorry for my brashness. I’m sorry that I probably wasn’t sensitive or politically correct when I said what I said. I wish nobody would have died,” Bubba said late Thursday morning during an interview at his Tampa studio.

So, what caused all the brouhaha on the airwaves and online? It turns out, several comments he made on his show and online started it all.

Referring to the current situation in Haiti, Bubba stated, “Maybe this is actually a good thing. Here’s the thing. We would all agree that Haiti is just in shambles. It’s just a horrible country. It’s just dirt it’s poverty they need a cleansing, maybe a million Haitians that will up not being around tomorrow. It’s a cleanse.”

That comment quickly became a topic of conversation on television stations and websites alike, but it wasn’t that one alone getting people fired up and sounding off with their opinions.

He also made a comment on Twitter.

That same day, he posted this: “I say f*** Haiti. Why do we have to take care of everybody. Our country is in shambles”

We asked him, “What do you think about the comments that you made? How do you think people mistook them?”

He told us, “Well, you know my comment on Twitter, ‘F’ Haiti. I was coming in on the morning to work… 4:30 in the morning and listening to the radio. It was all Haiti, all Haiti, all Haiti. I just irresponsibly typed in ‘F’ Haiti. That’s my Twitter. I didn’t think it through. I didn’t want to see anyone die.”

Bubba has maintained all along that his intentions were honest. He says with all the many problems here in America dealing with a bad economy, a high unemployment rate and joblessness, that the money being sent to Haiti really needs to stay at home, helping people who here, such as children’s organizations.

Bubba says he wishes more people would be active here at home. As an example, he discussed his passion for helping first responders in the Bay area through his charity, donating more than six figures to various agencies, with a particular focus on families of law enforcement.

“I’m just the average dude out there that says it like it is, and sometimes my big mouth gets me in trouble. I don’t want anyone to have died. I don’t mean ‘F’ Haiti. I’m over turning on my television and seeing Haiti, Haiti, Haiti,” Bubba said.

He continued by saying, “I think a lot more people agree with my stance on Haiti, but they just don’t have the nads to say it. I think a lot of people in the media agree as well… I think my comments are dead on.”

Bubba apologized for making anyone upset over the Haiti issue, saying that he didn’t mean to be insensitive.

But, he defended himself when it came to his right to share his opinion. “My show is my show. It’s my opinion. I’m not a credible news source, although I’m as credible as most news agencies. I will occasionally upset some people. I’m an abrasive kind of guy! Look at me.”

Bubba cited other natural disasters that did not get this kind of attention, he says, the way it should have. “I don’t remember this for Hurricane Katrina or the five hurricanes in Florida or Midwest floods, three police officers in seven days. We’re not in the best of druthers financially in our country.”

The husband and father of two said he had more people calling into his show agreeing with him, than disagreeing. We asked him, “What’s been the response for you?”

He responded by saying, “Both good and bad?? I’d say 80/20. 80 percent for, and 20 percent against. Some people agreeing with me, and saying, ‘You’re damn right, Bubba.’ And, others saying I’m an idiot. I’ll take that. It’s a good gig.”

“I think the average guy… The average 43-year-old guy out there working his butt off and trying to feed his family doesn’t want to see Haiti on his TV anymore. I think he feels bad about humanity. We don’t need to be the savior of a country that controls its own destiny.”

Bubba the Love Sponge can be heard weekday mornings on 102.5 – The Bone.

18 Responses

  1. Anna

    I agree with you Bubba! I feel bad for these people, really I do. But it is true – our own country is a mess, we have homeless people here – people who have been homeless without an earthquake to make them that way – let’s help THEM find a home. We have helped every country out there – and when we need a little help, where are they?

    So, Damn right, Bubba!

  2. Kimberly

    IM WITH You BUbba!! my hearts go out to them. but we have to take care of our own.

  3. bev h

    i honestly don’t think bubba should apologize for what everyone is thinking.we need help here.yes,we feel for these people,but,how can you look at starving people in our own country and still send money there.maybe i sound harsh but face the facts people our country is struggling everyday,not just when mother nature unleashes her power on us…so i say “good for you” bubba!!!

  4. Anthony

    Man i agree with you. We are going further and furhter down the rabbit hole in our own country. 3 trillion dollars in debt and still printing money. Borrowing money from China. China said at the end of WWII they wld defeat the US from the inside out. Well they doin it now. So F HAITI get our own country straightened out before we go fix everybody elses country. I hate those folks had to die but come on how many US soldiers die everyday and police officers in the line of duty. I wish you wld have mentioned that to Howard yesterday about the soldiers that die that may get a little square in the corner section.

  5. Dick Bukaki


  6. Dianne

    Hey Bubba, Good point! We all feel bad for the Hatians for having the earthquake but we have issues right here that need addressed that just seem to be overlooked time and again. Our elderly people cant afford food and medication on their crappy little social security checks. Disabled Veterans are homeless and living on the streets as a great big “Sc–w You” from our Government for putting their lives on the line for our country.Families are out of work and homeless while we support all the illegals from mexico and Guatelama that send their paychecks home and collect welfare for their 14 kids. Jees Oh Pete. You tell the truth and if people dont like it tell them to move to Haiti.

  7. robin bell

    Bubba,i am a 47 year old man.My question is why don’t you run for president?I am so pissed off,this Haiti shit is on 22 channels.I think this is total bullshit,we bail out the banks,every third house is vacant,under forclosure and we have American people,men,women and children living in the woods.When are Americans going to get together and say the hell with everybody else and help our own?Why send money to another country when we will never see results?I think we all would feel better driving down the street helping our own and being able to see the diffrence.I have worked in construction for 35 years,raced at East Bay for 20 years and i am lucky that i’m able to find work one or two days a week.My son and wife have both been laid off,i have moved them in with me.All i’m saying this is not how America is supposed to be.Keep doin what you do best,tellin it how it is,strait from the hip.

  8. kevin

    bubba i agree with you 100% we have a hard enongh time getting our own shiz togather then haveing another country ask for our help

  9. Peter Chandler

    Bubba, you’re a moron. You caused one of the best Knockouts in TNA to leave because of your fat mouth. The sooner you leave TNA the better. It’s a pity Kong didn’t kill you and spare the world your moronic wittering.

  10. D.

    I agree with you Bubba, We need to get our own country in order. We are so far in the hole with everything. I was flipping through the channels on tv last night. Every channel had help for haiti. I don’t remember seeing that much support for 911. Its just ridiculous I’ve seen these people over here they come to your yard sale or whatever and try to grab stuff and run with it. Most of them are thieves, We should be paying back China before it’s to late thanks to bush and now obama no money for Americans that need it the most.

  11. rayvanzant

    For the record,I am not a huge Bubba fan,but I agree with him about being upset over the out cry for Haiti over the lack of out cry for people in our own country who need our help more. I rather help someone I know( like a neighbor) over a person I don’t even know. Like what others said before me,we should be helping out families of ones who are over seas fighting for OUR freedom ,for the families who lost everything in New Orleans or families who are struggling to just put food on their tables. It’s great to see people wanting to help out Haiti, but these same people shouldn’t be judging Bubba on how he feels is right.

  12. Ben

    Quit acting as the voice of the average guy. The average guy is the ones out HERE, working for next to nothing. Not some one in a radio booth making 100 grand or more a year. I see that everyday. From neighbors, family, friends, coworkers. As a very proud American, that wishes alot more of our government reasources were used here at home and not everywhere else in the world. And even we have the compasson to not run around telling everyone “F*** Haiti”. You may not have ment it as it sounded, but you are in a public spotlight. Learn how to repersent America right, or just learn to keep that fat mouth shut. It’s poeple spouting an oppion with out learning of to voice it in a civilize way that gives the common man a bad name. Lear how to speak before you speak. Or just shut up.

  13. Alicia "Allie" M.

    Get pissed off at me if you want, but I seriously SICK of all the Haiti publicity. Where’s the publicity for all the people in our own back yard, in our own cities, that NEED help? Where’s their donations? Where’s their celebrity telethon? We have people barely able to survive right HERE! The US has to be the knight in shinning armor to every other… See More disaster stricken country but their own. Why? Let them deal with their own disasters. Let them rebuild themselves. No one ever comes to bail us out. Back in 2004 when Florida was pretty much wiped out by 5 hurricanes, no relief concerts were put on to help those families. No telethons took place to raise money. Hell, I STILL see the FEMA blue roofs.

    This country needs to get it’s priorities straight. You can’t help someone else until you yourself are stable. Well the US is FAR from stable. Fix us, fix home, then go off and help the neighbors. We have own own economical disaster to deal with, we don’t have the funds to be bailing everyone else out. If we keep spending money that the country DOESN’T have, we’ll end up just as poverty stricken from the east to west coasts as any other third world nation on the map. Again, the people of Haiti do have my sympathy, but I can’t worry about other countries when I look at the shambles that my own is in.

  14. Susan

    I think everyone of you is sick! This is the greatest country in the world. We have many problems to be addressed in this nation but we do not have dead people lying in our streets, we have an infracture, we have programs, welfare, etc to help people. We have let many people come to our shores for a better life. We have so many people abusing welfare today that we could probably pay off the deficit. We are suppose to just tell Haiti, sorry but we need to take care of our own. What are you talking about, there is no “our own” in this life, we are in this together. I wonder what each of you is teaching your children, very sad. Bubba, I challenge you to go to Haiti for a week and look at that devastation. Look at the dead bodies plied up, look at real starvation in the faces of children, look at the devastation of this country and come back and tell all your listeners you still think we should quote “take care of our own!” My husband is about to lose his business of 30 yrs, we have to pay a thousand dollars a month in insurance, we are behind on our bills and in debt trying to keep our heads above water. My husband still has a heart, still has empathy for others and is trying to send whatever he can to help these people. That is what a real American does! That is the very essence of who we are, when we lose that we are doomed. When you go home tonight to home, after a day of work, and look at your beautiful, healthly children you think about what you would feel like if you lost everything and everyone you loved. How you would feel if you asked for help, and someone told you I feel for you, but I need to take care of my own family!

  15. Scott R...

    Shame on you America: the only country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed without eating, elderly going without needed meds, and mentally ill without treatment – yet we have a benefit for the people of Haiti on 12 TV stations. 99% of people won’t have the guts to copy and repost this

  16. Kay

    Bubba is an idiot. We get plenty of help in our own back yard when tragedy strikes here. Hello….hurricanes Katrina and Andrew.
    There’s nothing wrong with helping people who can’t help themselves. You meant exactly what you said and now you’re trying to backpeddle to cover up just how racist you really are. Bubba the “today’s sponge” is what’s wrong with the world. Ignorance is not a virtue, dude. Get a clue, Sponge for brains.

  17. Pat Gainey

    My name is Anne Gainey I totaly agree with you THe people that say we should be helping well where are they we have childern here and my husband is very sick He has copd and heart and other things He has worked all his life and so have I but are gov has no money but evertime I asked for help they tell me the Goverment out of money but we can send money by the millions to other people while we get poore and WE may loose are house and are people is jobless were sospose to have freedom of speech but this is just bfor the politican and the rich I dont listen to you much but the rest of my family does Iam glad someone had the guts to stand up and say whaht most Americans think I have been living here sense 1971 and I pray God will help me keep my hse I keep Childern and I dont see the Goverment helping them Their American Childern Tell me where all are help is and we pay the Gov for nothing My poor husband fights everyday of his life to stay alive I dont think he could make it on the street but our Goverment has no money at this time and they never do if your born in America why dont our country help us I belive anyone no matter of color or race should be helped first then if we have anything left help out but help our people first the ones that pay the people that suppose to reresent us Thank you again for being American im a 63 year old woman my husband is 67 worked our hole life my jerry gainey my husband raisd his brothers and sisters all 12 of them his dad was an acholic jerry laid sod for years never not worked started his own tracktor copany did that every day intel he was 52 15 years ago and he paid taxes for 37 years we was told last week the doctors told us he is going to die shortly and sometimes we dont evan have lights trugh it all my husband loves his country and tell me who is helping or going to help him americans are in poor shap who is going to help us?

  18. Cheri

    I didn’t hear what Bubba said about Haiti, but a friend told me about it.
    I’m with Bubba 100%!I’m sick of hearing about Haiti when I’m watching TV.
    I’m a white female who has become disabled recently. I was born in USA, worked hard all my life, paid my taxes,and have only gotten 1 driving ticket in my life.
    BUT when I try to get my prescription meds that I need, or food or any medical assistance there is no help for me. When I lost my job due to my health getting in the way I’ve been forced to try to live on 1/3 of what I used to make. I can’t support my bills on my disibility check.
    I don’t qualify for medicaid (don’t really know why not) and Medicare won’t pick me up until Feb.2011. When I ask for help I’m told that people like me have “fallen into the crack”! What the hell does that mean?
    I’m pissed that we can help those out of the country, but good ol’ gals like me,there is no help for. So I am forced to go without neccessary medication for my thyroid disease, Fibromyalgia condition, high cloesterol meds, and my anti-depressants that I have been forced to go through withdrawal from with no help from any one.
    And why? Because I can speak English fluently & have never learned how to “work the system” like all these other people that recently came to America.
    Give me a F***ing break already!
    Send this “redheaded stepchild” some money too!

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