Bubba the Love Sponge calls it quits with Sirius

January 5th, 2011 by Staff

Tampa, Florida – It’s official. They’ve split up.

The five-year love affair between wildly popular radio show talk show host Bubba the Love Sponge and Sirius XM Satellite Radio is over.

But, Bubba’s not crying.

In fact, he can’t wait to get started on his newest venture – the Tampa-based Internet radio service www.radioio.com.

In a one-on-one interview with 10 News, Bubba said, “Now I’m not limited by any boundaries. I mean, anywhere in the world, it’s the world wide web, and I’m the first in.”

The relationship ended on December 31.

Bubba says he and Sirius could not come to a contract agreement and that they were giving him an 80 percent pay cut.

“I have a product,” he told us. “My product is worth X amount of dollars. They were trying to pay me far less.”

Bubba says he’s excited about his new venture, and he looks forward to the unchartered territory.

“It’s not real sexy and real popular right now, but I think it’ll reap big benefits in a couple of years, and I’m a patient man,” Bubba said.

The one thing that the longtime radio host says makes him truly sad is not being on Sirius with his life-long friend, Howard Stern.

“Howard has become a very dear friend of mine. Howard is not the two-headed monster that everyone thinks he is, much like I am. We have a lot in common. When you think of shock jocks, it’s him and I, respectfully,” Bubba said.

Bubba’s publicist, Elise Brown, said, “No other major radio personality has made such a move. Even Adam Carolla doesn’t stream live or produce so much content for Internet-only.”

Bubba says he’s looking forward to being a pioneer in Internet radio.

Bubba is the first major talk and entertainment radio personality to leave satellite radio for a future on Internet radio.

From now on, Bubba’s syndicated, terrestrial morning talk show can now be heard streaming on their 73-channel music service, radioio.com, where exclusive new uncensored Bubba content is also being added.

The site crashed temporarily on January 2, after Bubba’s fans and followers across the United States and Canada, including 47,000 people on Twitter, logged on in anticipation of hearing him for free on the Internet.

67 Responses

  1. tom

    cant listen in my car , this sucks ….

  2. Yumpy

    Guess I’ll get rid of my sirius!!

  3. Thomas W

    Bubba, I’m glad you stood up to Sirius, but at the same time I’m pissed that I have to pay to hear Howard and You in different mediums. I registered my dissatisfaction with Sirius. Luckily my 2010 F150 has Ford sync and I can stream you live from my Android phone once RadioIO gets the app for android…PLEASE HURRY WITH THE ANDROID APP, I hate missing your show!

  4. dano

    Internet radio is the dumbest thing ever. Especially using a smart phone! 95% of radio listeners listen while driving…90% of all vehicles on the road DO NOThave an aux input! How the hell are you supposed to listen to internet radio in the car? Hold the phone to your ear, or try to listen to a practically silent speaker phone?!?! Total joke! It will never take off! Sorry to see ya go btls! Still a fan.

  5. daryl

    Can i swap my girlfriend for garnett and have just one night of pleasure with her

  6. BillyBigRig

    Bubba had to do what he had to do. I can understand the need to go where he can make money. Sirius treated him badly in my eyes. He was worth a hell of a lot more than he was getting paid. I love the show, unfortunately I will be no longer able to listen as I am an over the road truck driver and cannot stream the radio feed into the truck. I have a blackberry but that eats up a huge amount of data. Sorry Bubba! I wish you all the best bud!

  7. Mick

    This sucks for sirius subscribers. I only renewed for Howard with hopes of Bubba coming back.. cant listen in the car. Blow me Sirius.. plus they upped subscription prices.. lame..

    Pissed off Canadian!

  8. Randy

    Good bye BTLS show. We will miss you and there are alot of us. Most of us listen in the car and will probably never get to hear the show again. Shame on you sirius.

  9. Bobbyfuzzypants

    Best of luck to you bubba. This definitely sucks. Can’t believe serius pays pieces of shit like oprah and martha to not deliver any real content, yet they can’t give a fair deal to the real talent. Please hurry with the android app. Wow can’t believe some people can’t figure out how to get this in the car. Most smartphones have a audio out Use that for an fm transmitter or even a tapedeck player. LEARN HOW TO WORK KID!

  10. Bob

    Think I’ll be returning the stiletto I got for Christmas.

  11. Todd

    It’s unfortunate that Bubba could’nt come to an agreement with Sirius but I don’t blame him.I was hoping that both him and Howard would resign and when I heard that Howard had resigned I thought for sure Bubba would be next,I was getting ready to cancel now I don’t know what I’m going to do.Guess I’ll find a way to listen to Bubba and the gang.Good LUCK Bubba I’ll miss listening to you guys for now.

  12. greg c

    Bubba that sucks that your not on sirius wish things would’ve worked out don’t know how ill get u in the truck but you brought me many hours of entertainment thank you still a fan FTE forever good luck Bubba

  13. jeff shupe

    that sucks Bubba, Greensteen is a celebrity whore, any celeb would come off the street and he would give them a 3yr contract 5mill per n thats sad good luck

  14. roadmagnet

    I am hoping that the new shows will be archived and available for download soon. Mobile data rates for streaming are very expensive in Canada so I will not be able to listen live very often while at work.
    The sound quality through RadioIO is very good and it comes through very well when listening at the computer.
    As much as I enjoyed the convenience of having my 2 favorite shows at Sirius, I understand why it had to change.

  15. dan browne

    Pls hurry with android app. Love the show, I’m on the road all day and can’t wait.

  16. bob dyche

    i like howard and you guys to bad for sirius listeners.good LUCK

  17. Phil

    can they curse on radioio?

  18. Bill

    Can I buy an i-pod and download your show,then I have a plug in this alpine unit I bought for my semi.I could then plug it in and listen to your show.Will that work?

  19. Ty

    No worries guys!! I am in the Music Tech world and you are on the right track! Sirus just shot there self in the foot!Build it and they will come. Congrats on your move!


  20. Ryan

    Sirius sucks… Their customer service sucks even more. They screwed me over in more than one occasion which, forced me to quit the service even though I loved HS and BTLS. So while I can’t listen to Howard, that’s fine because the Adam Carola and Joe Rogan podcasts are great, and now I’ll just stream radioIO on my iPhone. F you Sirius.

  21. Ned Mark

    I only got Sirius to listen to Ned’s bits, so I guess I won’t have to renew it now.

  22. LAWDOG

    Bubba has to do what he has to do, it’s just a shame Sirius has their head up their azz and doesn’t see the future investment with keeping Bubba around. Unfortunately internet radio is just not an option in our patrol cars so we’ll miss you out here in Wyoming!!!!! Working nights has been hell since your show went off the air… Best of luck Bubba and the crew!!!

  23. PORKY


  24. AlwaysMT

    Bubba. I am so going to miss you on Sirius. They screwed up bad. Next to Howard. Who do they even have like you? I know the answer. NOBODY. In fact, Howard and you, (Mostly You) was the only reason I even had Sirius. So you know what that means. FOFF Sirius. I am cancelling my subscribrtion as of today. Good luck in all you future endeavors. Always a fan and always MT.

    M. Thornton

  25. Tiff

    Can’t believe it. My husband is a huge fan. He knows more about whats up with Bubba and the guys and their families better than his own. He gives me daily updates! I’m gonna miss him being involved in whats going on in the world. He voted for the first time in 40 years because of Bubba. I’d been trying for 15 of those years. He is a trucker and is on the road most of the time. He is just pissed. He just called me to have me cancel his sirius ASAP! Blowed away. Good luck Bubba! Shawn wishes you and your guys only the best.

  26. Bob

    Now Bubba can brodcast along with Eric the midget. Both have the same mental capacity

  27. Tiff

    Just a heads up just cancelled sirius! They offered three months free to see what could be worked out when we declined they offered 5 free months. Hell no! NO Bubba no sirius! BTLS

  28. Herb from NJ

    Can’t wait to sign-up and start listening to you guys again. Fuck Sirius, already cancelled 2 subscriptions (keeping one for Howard). You got pumped up the ass dry. Fuck M&M, Oprah, Martah Stewert…who listens to that shiz. Plus the Sirius technology is taking a step back. I got a new radio and it blows dick.

    Miss ya, love you guys in a non-faggot way.

    Bubba-Army Forever!!!! Now you’re the pioneer!

  29. Pinellastek

    Said it the last time Sirius screwed with him: At least we can still get the programming…

    This format is actually pretty good, I’ve tested it with iPod Touch, iPad, and a Droid 2 and they all work great. We’ll see what they end up charging for a subscription, but unless it’s just stupid we’ll be getting a better deal anyway. The regular feed, the archives, and all the new music channels make this a better deal than Sirius.

    Look at it this way, there are ways now to take this thing portable, with the wireless broadband available for the iPxds, and any smart phones, and any ‘net enabled device – Don’t have an AUX on your car radio then break down and buy an FM gimmick – how did you connect your sat radio before anyway?

    I’m sure if they aren’t already, RadioIO will be developing a portable device, sort of like what $lacker.com has. I will certainly be purchasing one if / when they release it. BTW – I’m suggesting an exclusive Bubba Army edition with the ability to record the show for what it’s worth…

  30. Tony D.

    good luck with the internet venture. luckily i still get to listen on terrestrial radio station 102.5 the bone.

  31. Shawn

    I have had sirius for 10 years and loved listening to Bubba and will miss the guys on my way home. Hopefully he will be syndicated out here in Texas soon because I am not going to jump through loops to get a cracker jack internet show. And in my opinion Sirius subscribers were only getting 20% of his show so I don’t think Sirius was that far off base. Good luck.

  32. tj

    its called get a tape deck with a line out connected , just like we all did for those portable CD players , where is yur head at Daryl???

  33. Ed connecticut

    W.T.F SIRIUS,HOW MUCH HOWARD do youu think we can take? look he is great, but come on,are you kidding me, after all the listeners voiced their opinions on having BUBBA and the boys back you let him slip away after paying those big bucks for crap shows like jamie fox,oprah …..etc. well take your radio and cram it up your ass karmizen,how stupid could you be

    cancelling subscription thanks for nothing

  34. LBD

    Come on Bubba, get your head out of your ass. It’s time to put your big boy pants on and take it from the man. we all know you are worth more than anyone will pay you, but in this economy, you need to pick the best job and ride it out kid. You’ll get you comeuppance when the time is right!

    Either way Im still a fan and wish you all the gang all the best!

  35. Jake

    This really sucks I am an FTE and all I listen to is Howard and Bubba. Don’t like it at all I will miss you Bubba, hope Howard can get Bubba back on.

  36. Flatlander

    Good luck guys, I’m gonna miss hearing you everyday, its unbelievable how Sirius treats their money making talent while rewarding the hacks with millions, absolutely unreal!
    Sadly I won’t be able to get the show in my truck anymore, its gonna make the long days longer now, Bubba Army forever and hope to hear you guys again, Sirius executives should be ashamed of what they have done!!

  37. robert

    thanks bubba for your great radio i will def check out the internet radio, it just sucks kinda casuse i operate a feller buncher in nc and none of these cheap radio stations will put you on around here

  38. Dale

    No Bubba? No subscription renewal to Sirrius!!!

  39. shirley

    This really sucks. I cancelled my subscription to Sirius this morning but can not get signed into radioio!! It appears that the web site is down or that our internet connection can not keep up. A total loss!! We spent hundreds of dollars to get Sirius equipment in our home and vehicles and now they are a total loss. If anyone is on Hughesnet internet connection and can get this show please tell me what we might be doing wrong. Quite honestly we are mad as hell!!!!!

  40. Bo

    Not sure if it’s this simple, but in addition to your Internet radio, why not simply let Sirius pay you to run your morning show at 3 PM every day (and forget doing the live Friday show)? Hey, it’s money, right?

  41. tuffy

    Shame on you Sirius, Im done and will find you Bubba

  42. TripleDigitRide

    Bubba who? I kid, I kid.

    I’m far from an expert, so I have no idea if this is, or will ever be a move in the right direction for BTLS and crew. I can tell you one thing for sure, I will miss the hell out of hearing the boys on Sirius.

    With that being said, I was able to go straight to radioio.com on my Sprint Palm Pre (no app needed) and listen for free. The stream was smooth and sound quality was great.

    The radios in my personal and work vehicles don’t allow me the ability to connect my phone directly to them, but I will do my best to listen as often as possible.

    Best of luck to Bubba and the crew. Love you in a non-faggot way.


  43. josh from wyoming

    F it my subscription is canceled guess i will listen to the good old FM ( farm music ) channels> Sirius go f yourself!!!!

  44. johnboy

    Blow me XM. I just renewed for 3 month with full package for $17 a month, Once 3 month is over i will cancel. I am so glad i didn’t pay for more. This should be a contract breach. I was fixing to go buy xm in all vehicles to listen boy am i glad i saved my money. Thanks for nothing Sirius. Bye Bye.

  45. Clay

    You can’t really be serious(no pun intended). I had sirius befor either you or Howard came on. I tuned in the very first day. I cant say that I was the biggest fan, but I didn’t miss to many shows. So what I am saying is that I’m pissed at you(the show) for draging me into the family, and now it’s like getting that terrible breakup call from girl you knew you were ment to be with. with that said Im more pissed at Sirius 4 not stepping up. Internet radio really thats not exectly ahh shal we say user friendly for oh about 95% of your former sat. listeners.

  46. Ty

    Like many others I came to Sirius for Howard and became a HUGE Bubba fan- no pun intended. I miss the show and Howard might as well close Howard 101, Bubba was the channnel. You and your show will be missed and I am very sorry that the corporate overthinkers didn’t realize what they had and let it slip away. It is always amazing to me how talented people build things from the ground up and the suits come along and “improve” the product by changing all of the things people love. I wish you the best in your future, sorry it will not be at the place you belong. Sirius you really made a huge mistake and it speaks volumes about your leadership and company direction. But hey Sirius, great job on the opra contract! What a joke!!

  47. brent

    adios bubba, hope all your dreams fail

  48. scott

    My afternoon blows with out you guys, wish you were on the west coast. This is BullShit.

  49. ttedshredd

    Make sure that your daily shows can be downloaded as mp3 within minutes of the live show ending so I can download to my ipod, listening a day late is better than not listening at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Kevin

    I Miss All Of You Guys. SIRIUS SUCKS BIG DIRTY ASS!!!!
    I have to agree with the other comments — I work 16 hrs a day driving (Local) with no smart phone i guess i am an old foogie with just a simple cell phone. what the …. ?!!?@@!?? No time to listen online at home since only there 8 hrs a day


    i just canceled my scrip with sirius and i wonder if they have some kind of reciver for trucks untill then i guess i’ll stream

  52. JP

    Love you guys and wish you all the best. Sirius is so f$#%ing retarded and I hope they go down in flames. If I didn’t have the lifetime subscription I would drop them in a second. I am looking forward to the new subscription deal in march and will do my best to catch your shows til then. You all rock and Sirius you SUCK! JP out!

  53. Jon from Ohio

    Miss you, love ya in a non faget way!

  54. Ron From Ohio



  55. another pissed off canadian

    I guess sirius is going to hell in a hand bag now your show was the main reason i renewed and now ur gone where do i get to listen to your show now.

  56. Todd

    This is unfing believable!!!!Sirius you really are dumb-asses!I signed up with Sirius from xm when Bubba and the boys made the change and now I’m a big Stern mark too with lifetime gimmick -not sure what to do with subscription ? Sirius you really “SUCK” WAITING ON ANDROID
    APP! Please Hurry Todd -NC

  57. Bobbyfuzzypants

    What apps are those of you who are streaming Radioio onto your android phone? Having issues with htc evo. Any help is appreciated.

  58. joseph

    I live in Eugene Oregon..What the hell am i supposed to do now? Any chance you will be back on 101?

  59. livewire

    I can tell you what i did. got my money back and im finished with Sirius until bubba is back.thats the only reason i got it.As a trucker they offer me nothing,no weather channel, and with Bubba gone there is no point.

  60. Howard

    this sucks…

  61. Jeff


  62. ray

    i’m done with sat. radio too

  63. ray

    I cant wait till a few weeks pass and ned talks up a
    bunch of shit about the stern show.I hear robin read news with zero comprehension and hear howard whining like a bitch he is

  64. DK

    Bubba, I will miss your humor as I will not miss my subscription to Sirius. I got in pissing match with Sirius because of the music royalty fee and the increase in pricing and since i have three subscriptions for over 5 years I felt I deserved a better deal than they were offering. It went no where, I pulled three subscriptions and now am happy I have a venue to hear you on. Of course it’s not like a good friday live show but I will take what i can get. Thanks Buddy, keep it up. I will podcast willie if thats what it takes.

  65. Bob and Linda (Canada)

    Too old for all this new stuff they are coming out with.
    Really enjoyed your show, kept my husband and I amused when
    we were travelling. I guess we will save money now, might
    as well cancel Sirius and just go back to listening to C.D.’s. and local radio. All the best to you and thank you
    for keeping us awake and giving us a giggle while we travelled the highway.

  66. Scot I

    Bubba is not missed

  67. cody

    Sucks we can’t listen to bubba any more, I’m not wasting my data trying to stream off the internet though.. People expect too much money to sit around and talk, like how sports players get paid millions.. I thought btls was a modest American that enjoyed entertaining, guess bubba is basically like the polititians, wanting more money to do next to nothing and makeing it harder to access the show where it’s listened to the most.. I’ve had some uncontrollable laughs from the show over the years, even have boxsets, but with the greed and arrogance displayed now, good riddance to the show and your followers..

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