Bubba The Love Sponge® on the U.S.’s involvement in Libya

March 23rd, 2011 by Staff

www.wtsp.com – Bubba the Love Sponge® gets animated when he starts talking about the conflict in Libya.

During his commentary on 10 News at 11, the radio show host holds back on the language but instead gives the topic a gesture. He rant includes points about past U.S. involvement in other crises overseas.

10 News

7 Responses

  1. daytona corey

    thank u bubba for being OUR VOICE !

  2. puddler

    Your right on with gas prices but what can we do?
    They tell us the price is up due to supply and demand; BS
    If that is correct we could all half fill our tanks and leave the supply in their tanks a few more days and we would have $1.50 REG. Do you think we store billions of gallons in our cars each day?
    If the gas companies had to keep it a few more days the price must come down. If they cut back on production we should make them a utility and regulate the price.

  3. BuddyLee

    I love the nWo mark out

  4. flabob

    hahahah yet again another hit at the Gov how about the idiot in the white house you voted for, your story was about the mid east and yet u bring up the gov—- getting to be a old record.

  5. Al

    What does world politics have to do with the governor of Florida?

    I agree that Rick Scott is poison to this state, I agree with not going to Libya ( let them kill each other,) but do not mix the both.

    If you plan on discussing politics next time, bring Brent with you. Just as Obama has a teleprompter, you can have Brent and you will make more sense.

    I also do not care about Haiti, but the “rescue” efforts in either of those two shit holes of countries is completely different. Unless you are referring to 1994, but I doubt that you are.

    Awesome radio show, television, NOT ( it is 2011, you could think of another reference, if NOT, ask Manson or Spice. I am sure they can help you.)

  6. Jason

    Seems like Al has a crush on Bubba.. Hey Al there’s a reason you’re some jobber who’s on a PC commenting on a news segment and Bubba is on T.V and radio .. Hater, You should be listening to M.J , he’s more your speed …

  7. Highway FTE

    How can I be the man when Bubba is the man.

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