Bubba The Love Sponge® adds “Spice” to the new 102.5 The Bone!!!

April 19th, 2012 by Staff


Tampa, Florida – The Bubba Radio Network® is pleased to announce that long time member of the Bubba The Love Sponge® Show, Matt “Spice” Loyd will join the airstaff at the New 102.5 The Bone to host a talk show weekdays from 7 PM to 10 PM, effective Monday April 23rd 2012.

Matt “Spice” Loyd joined the Bubba Radio Network® as an intern in 1998. Through hard work, dedication and with Bubba The Love Sponge® as a mentor, he was able to learn all the key aspects necessary to become a successful radio broadcaster.  As his skills increased and his talents were exposed and developed he was rapidly promoted up the ladder from his internship to the full time producer/on air co-host position he holds today. Spice has been an integral part of the Bubba Radio Network® and a major contributor to the success of the nationally syndicated Bubba The Love Sponge® Show.

“I’m very proud of “Spice”, seeing him grow into the broadcaster he is today has been nothing short of amazing,” said Bubba The Love Sponge® Clem, “It is very gratifying to have another Bubba protégé on the all talk station line up for the new 102.5 The Bone.  He has my full support and I look forward to his show succeeding in this new, exciting, format.”

“I want to thank Bubba & the crew for an amazing experience and thank them for their support,” Matt “Spice” Loyd said, “Over the last 15 years we became more than co-workers, we are Family. I’ve learned a lot and I hope to bring that experience to my own show. Having an FM talk show is truly a dream come true.”

The Bubba Radio Network® is a nationally syndicated morning talk show heard terrestrially on WHPT 102.5 The Bone in Tampa FL, WRXK 96.1 KROCK Ft. Myers FL, WYBB 98.1 98 Rock Charleston, SC and the featured talk programming on Radioio.com and in Sony Home on the PlayStation® 3.

25 Responses

  1. Rick Conrad

    Good luck spice boy!! U will b sorely missed on bubba dude.

  2. JoAnn

    Congratulations Spice, you deserve it! You will be leaving a hole though. NO ONE can get under Bubba’s skin like you can. It was my favorite part of the show!

  3. Jody

    Congrats to Spice!!! He’ll be missed.

  4. Nick

    I live in California and listen to the show on radioio. I am extremely bummed out that I will not be able to hear “SPICE’S JOKE HUNT” but if it is anything like “SPICE’S HAPPY HOUR” I will hear him back on the BTLS very soon. Good luck, Spice!

  5. Joe Lindsay

    Kudos to spice ,glad to hear he is moving up and ahead in his career,an may he have another 15 or more years in radio. Who knows the next HS!

  6. warren

    Good luck Spice. Will miss you in the mix with the crew. will be checking in on you for sure.

    Warren Stark
    Nipawin, Saskatchewan Canada


  7. Brenda Smith

    Wow Spice, congratulations! You’ll be missed on the show, for sure, but we’ll try to tune in as often as possible! Best wishes!

  8. Bobby

    Bullshit, you can do both, dont leave, sleep is overrated anyway.

  9. Charles

    Rock on Spice, good luck in your new endeavor.

  10. Jayce

    Congrats Spice…you deserve your own show but will be dearly missed on Bubba. I hope Bubba can find another scratchy piece of corn for his bullshit! Love you guys!

  11. Mark

    Good work Spice. Never a dull moment with you. On air host, restaurant owner and now own show. Nice

    Rouleau, Saskatchewan, Canada

  12. Daniel Hewitt

    Think you can get him Syndicated to Orlando? Sense you guys got taken off it’s really just been a corperate puke fest on the radio.. The only thing I’m thankful for is they do play music to offset there cheese. Spice might have better luck with the politics then Bubba. Best radio show in the country held down by the man.

  13. Shawn

    I hope it goes well Spice. I think the BTLS show will suffer for it.

  14. Steve R

    WTF Spice! Cant you do the IO show and still do 3 hours at night :)

  15. Brian

    good luck spice been a fan for 15 years got you picture on the beer fridge in the garage!

  16. jim

    Congratulations, the Bubba show will never be the same.

  17. Tony Cassisi

    BUBBA , oh my God I miss the show, I’m from New York and used to listen every day you guys were the best good luck

  18. The Masked Blogger

    According to my sources, the show is going to be a combination: George Noory, Dr. Laura, and Kim Komando type of a format. But seriously, do some live remotes from a “gentlemen’s club”, or as you Floridians call it, a titty bar. Or how about doing a remote with your buddies drinking, eating, and more drinking for a couple of hours? I’d tune in for that.

  19. bare back Jr.

    NO!!!!!! not fair! Your the Artie of the bubba show! Good luck though. Whos gonna be the bare back avenger on the show now?

  20. Al

    Hey Spice, good luck. You are radio gold and will be missed on the show

    L.E.O. from small town Saskatchewan.

  21. Cmp

    Listened to the Bubba show today and was going to purchase Radio IO. The show is not half as good without Spice Boy and now not worth paying for. Very sad, BTLS will never be as good as it was.

  22. Cmp

    I am sue your sister is an awesome sister and a great person. she however is not a replacement for Spice Boy. There were two people that when not on the show drastically reduced the quality, Bubba and Spice.
    Your show is sadly not worth paying for now.

  23. Eric

    Good Luck Spice! Bubba’s show won’t be the same without the Counter Programmer Extrordinaire

    Bum Fuck, Saskatchewan

  24. jay bird

    Wtf. We miss you on the bubba ahow. No one gives bubba shit anymore !!
    Jay bird

  25. Hulk

    I added some spice to your wife.

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