Bubba the Love Sponge® Accused of Hate Call

February 25th, 2010 by

www.tmz.com — A professional wrestler says someone claiming to be radio host Bubba the Love Sponge called her at home and unleashed a hateful, n-word laced attack … and now she wants the phone records to prove it was him.

The woman who received the call is TNA wrestling star Awesome Kong — aka Kia Stevens. We’re told she and Bubba have been feuding since January — when Bubba said “F*** Haiti” on his radio show in the wake of the tragedy.

Now, Stevens has filed documents in Florida state court, in which she states that someone claiming to be Bubba called her from a private number two weeks ago and said, “You’ll be dead like all those other n***ers in Haiti you fat black bitch … F**K HAITI!”

Stevens wants a judge to allow her access to Bubba’s phone records so she can see for herself if Bubba was behind the call … and set the stage for a lawsuit against him.

But Bubba says Stevens’ allegations are “one hundred percent false” and that “Ms. Stevens attributing outrageous racist statement and physical threats to me is disgusting.”

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  1. strokerlicks

    dam bubba you are going to lett jobbers job you out didnt you want to help help your freinds you are not going to help you freinds out if you run away you need to show the jobbers that you are the man just like you freinds know your are the man of brn do what udo best bring the heat live on ther show and prove your are the man that can work better then the can and make a stand to prove to your freinds by frighting back with out their stroke get in your freinds faces on live tv and push the enevolpe before you quit make them all see the real bubba that knows how to make $$$$$$$ isnt this what you told them they could so prove it to them just saying sometimes you have to get in the faces if you real freinds and wake them up

  2. pegson

    Jeez. You can tell TMZ are simply trouble makers….They chose the most hill billy white power picture likely floating around…

  3. strokerlicks

    you are being jobout by this women of color and mick foyle also jeff garret and problemly rudsole wake up this is the first stone against your freinds to make apoint that you and your freinds cant do better then them i know it sounds cazy but what if i am right

  4. Dude

    hey bubba is strokerlicks b-fuds codename. This guy is retarded

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