Bubba Redemption

March 13th, 2014 by Staff

If you and Bubba have parted ways and your name is on the list below, how would you like redemption? Would you like to get back in Bubba’s good graces? If so, here is your chance.

Next week call Bubba at 1-888-69-BUBBA and state your case!

1. Jabba
2. Jaeger
3. BlitzK
4. Chip
5. Rafael
6. Cigarette John
7. Miller
8. Big Dick
9. Lasker
10. D-Ball
11. Clay Zigler
12. Twink
13. Jughead
14. Hammil
15. RadioIO Frank (Redeemed 3-17-2014)
16. Blind Lawrence
17. Augie (Redeemed 3-19-2014)
18. Tom The Tree Man (Redeemed 3-17-2014)
19. Blish
20. Guido
21. Carbuncle
22. Zit
23. Gayle
24. Party Boy Ryan
25. Woodsman
26. Porter
27. BJ From Phoenix
28. Bob Buckhorn
29. Doug Clem
30. Michelle Williams (VP Black Panthers)
31. Bree Olson
32. MJ
33. Mark Ober

11 Responses

  1. Rob Tough

    What about Hogan?

  2. katie

    I remember Dave the engineer and slugo.

  3. Kyle

    Twink,Tuddle,Dave Rice

  4. Jim


  5. Paul Smith

    You have Mj on the list But not Hogan?

  6. cory

    What about mike calta? He recently just called you out.

  7. Jim Taylor

    How do you not have cowhead on the list? He just called you out a couple weeks ago?

  8. john

    Is it true that Manson really does neds voice?

  9. Phil

    Lasker was radio Gold

  10. Jim

    All Hail Blish…Bubba should have redeemed to Bobby! See the list? They all Can’t be wrong! except maybe MJ…what a tool! marking out though in Arab Alabama!

  11. Slayer

    Is there no redemption for Brent?

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