Bubba GPS

June 3rd, 2010 by admin
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  1. canabeans

    Holy shiz thats funny.

  2. Lee

    That is Gold!
    I want a Bubba GPS……

  3. JR Rodriguez

    MMMMMM Chicken dip
    Thats a funny cartoon

  4. Ray C

    GREAT STUFF!!! You need to get this cat on the payroll I want to see more!!!

  5. Kendal Fordham

    Im 17 and just listened to your show for the first time on my way to the gym. Some funy shiz…..with a z. Whos the old man in the back ground? P.S. this video (GPS ego maniac) made me piss myself laughing! hahaahahah! keep it up and you’ll be 3rd again!

  6. Tim


  7. shawn rohrhuber

    funny as shiz with a Z!!!!!!!!

  8. Enrique Silva

    that is the funniest zhit i’ve seen in a while. great job to the animator cool.

  9. Mike

    Love it!

  10. david mackay


  11. James Wade

    Gotta love it Bubba you are the man!!!!! We need the big boy version for our semi trucks. FULL TRUCKER EFFECT


  12. tony

    this is some funny shiz keep up the good work guys you make the morning worth getting up for

  13. mario aufdenkamp

    i have to admit that animation was the shiz. i found it quite funny.

  14. Phil

    This is great!!!!! Only one complaint, no way Bubba is that small. His belly would be hanging over the wheel. Plus where are all of the Double Cheeseburger wrappers?

    Just kidding..FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  15. Jim

    I love it and it looks just like Bubba j/k I would love to see some of Ned doing some of his phone calls that would be sweet.. Thanks Jim

  16. Sal Devoti

    loved that bit

  17. RHINO

    You should hire this guy to do all you anamy. That way we could get visuals on all the barials

  18. Mike Murphy

    Love this clip. It does so much better with animation to laugh at it.

  19. Bman

    Wicked Job boys – Very impressive for a Muuaaahhh me!

  20. Eric

    What an awesome animation, goes perfect with the audio. Keep it up guys!

  21. Kim S

    This was funny when I first heard it on the radio but for some reason it is even FUNNIER with the imagery! Good job on the animation.

  22. brian

    that was awesome, can’t wait to see the my trunk animation

  23. Pete Salazar

    Please!!! The Britney Murphy 911 call, on autotune. That would be the shiznit. Aaaahh!!!! Yes.?.?.

  24. silver

    hahaha thats awesome

  25. silver

    hahaha thats awesome. need more

  26. John Avila

    This is GREAT!!!!!! I forced everybody in my house to watch this diddy. In true “ME” fashion!!

  27. Sabrina

    Outstanding!! Can’t wait to see the Casey Anthony animation.

  28. Joe Anstey F.T.E.

    Great stuff guys ! Keep it up ! F.T.E.

  29. Mark T

    that was funny good job

  30. Robin Stallings

    Bubba you and the guys are the best.You should do one with Ned!!

  31. darrin

    F the haters on regular radio we want you back on sat radio only. F.T.E. by the way superb job on the songs .
    If the fine people that get your show on regular radio dont put to #1 respectivly they dont know shiz
    thank you bubba for the show

  32. Josh

    OMG that’s gold right there, I want my own BTLS GPS, sould putt those into production, The Casey Anthony animation has got to be good and Manson is so ruight about the message that song has, as soon as i heard that bit i got p****d off @ Casey Anthony NOT the show, she needs to be putt death for her crime

  33. ernst stohr


  34. Raven

    Can not wait for the trunk animated……… The parady in itsself is great…….. factual, truthful. Thank YOU for keeping it real…

  35. Hoppy

    That was funny as hell. Don’t stop now make more. Something with Ned in it……NED RULES…………..

  36. Bell

    lol awesome

  37. smokengunn

    shit i dropped my retard on his head laughing soo hard

  38. scott b

    thats some funny shiz with a z

  39. norman robertson

    great shiz guys keep up the great work f.t.e

  40. Woody


  41. Timberjack

    this anomation made it even funnier than it was to began with and looking forward to seeing some more!!

  42. Chuck D

    I told me to watch more, and me says yes, stupid F*@kin’ Me !!

  43. kevin

    omg that funny homerun keep up the good work kevin FTE

  44. albysure

    yeah..do you guys really feel that way or are you just ribbing!! manson you got the full bubba gps magillicutty down brother haha

  45. Sam A

    F%^KN Classis funny shit


    HOLY SHIZ never laughed so hard IN MY LIFE. Id buy a gps just for Bubba to tell me where to go. FTE Brooksville,Fl.

  47. Jamie

    That was awesome!!! Loved it, You have to ask the animator if he will do more!

  48. jim s F.T.E

    That’s great sounds awesome on the serious even better to see the animated version keep up the good work F.T.E

  49. Mark C

    Man my balls hurt from laughing so hard… Thank’s!!!

  50. Thomas K

    That was awesome,keep up the great work guys.F.T.E


    as usual- real”bubba gold”–wish i could have ned on my tom tom gps unit–any idea when?

  52. huge jackman

    guess it woulda been too expensive to make the bubba toon lifesize, still hilarious. and i second the brittany murphy audiotune 911 call, shizit is great.

  53. chuckyou

    That is the grizatest shizit ever.

  54. drumminjoe

    funny shiz!! with a Z……….

  55. troy conley

    Holy shiz this money.hilarious

  56. FTE Doughboy

    All I wanna know now is, when is the BTLS cartoon show comin?!

  57. Russ


  58. Alan

    OMG, FUNNY ZSHIT’S, BUBBA Classic already


    wow !!! gold hit again…cant stop laughing…FTE ALBERTA CANADA….keep em coming eh?

  60. SCOTT R

    Holy shiz thats funny. All I wanna know now is, when is the BTLS cartoon show comin???? Man my balls hurt from laughing so hard… Thank’s!!!

  61. Matt

    this is the same guy that animates some of Howards stuff……very funny!!!! the visual gives it a whole new level of funny

  62. mike tyler

    cant wait for more parody songs to be done hope trunk song is next this one was funny as hell love you guys in a non fag way

  63. mr pooch

    thats awesome! im still laughing

  64. Me

    Fat, Narcissist, Egomaniac, Arrogant, Bi-Polar, Puertorican Latino look…wow…..hahaha. That was funny.

    I never thought about it but he does look Puertorican Mud Drag Racer…hahaha, now that’s funny!!!

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