Bubba Gets Mustard Faced

June 5th, 2009 by admin

Bubba puts a ban on all things mustard and the natives get outraged! Who in the world was crazy enough to deface King Bubba’s face?


Who do you think did this? Post your comments below!

32 Responses

  1. matt

    I think Bubba did it. I thought I heard him say he didn’t like it because he doesn’t think he needed to be put over like that.

  2. Honest John

    Bubba is only pizzed off because someone wasted his mustard!

  3. Pasta

    That’s hilarious!

  4. Bubba488

    Thats funny! Calm down Bubba!

  5. Jim

    Thats funny. Hey Bubba would you like some weiner with your mustard? HAHAHA

  6. trucker dave

    It looks like Bubba took a #### from Big Bird

  7. Brendan T Lewis

    Looks as though Bubba had an epileptic fit while eating a corn dog w/ mustard..

  8. rush

    yellow man ### could not happen to a better face just kidding bubba keep up the great fri shows we love ya and i agree mustard suxxxx

  9. shane

    Looks like hogans man ###. Hulk run wild on bubba face. Lol

  10. John

    That is funny shiz there.

  11. Jared


  12. Spice


  13. jimmy

    it looks like PETER NORTH was here BUBBA!!!!!!!

  14. jeromy

    Funny as hell. Love the show guys keep up the good.

  15. Chris

    This is hilarious. Spice did it

  16. john

    It don’t even look like Bubba hahaha

  17. Steve (from DC)

    That is funny as shiz! Nice job Spice. Nothing better than a Friday shoot on Bubba (sorry Bubba)

  18. tryacid

    Mustard sanchez, nice look.. haha

  19. Jason (Tennessee)

    Love it! Spice you rock! Bubba hates it when someone plays a prank on him! Keep it up! Drive Bubba over the edge! NASCAR Sucks!

  20. JAIME


  21. Mike D.

    Damn….never thought Id see Bubba take 1 to the face!

  22. Bobby M

    I just want to know when Topless Baseball is going to happen from the dry erase board in the background.

  23. Scarecrow

    Spice got Hamill’s a## chewed. Too funny!

  24. JD

    Whats up with that. C’mon not liking mustard! you deserve every mustard mustache you get “trick daddy”

  25. Scott

    Am I the only one that thinks that looks more like Kim Jong Il than Bubba.

  26. Mark Carlson

    Damn it looks like Ned has the herps and got a little crazzy on Bubba’s face!! (sorry Bubba)…

  27. Christy

    Thanks Spice. Mustard face ### always a winner. Laughed my a## half off today. Left half for my own entertainment.

  28. Christy

    Nice. Profanity will be rejected so….. nice. Laughed twice today until I cried. Bubba’s temper is hot. Way hot. The Spice ideas always intensify the hottness. Keep it up. Way up.

  29. Dizz

    that head is too skinny looking to even be Bubba! Why doesnt Bubsy wipe his mickey d’s cheeseburger on it?

  30. mark_c

    looks like he blizzeu a parrot!!

  31. kurt

    Bubba sounds like you need the glue gun and a box of tacks for the black wiffle ball bat!! “if you can’t earn respect… DEMAND IT!”

  32. Donny

    Sorry looking bust of “Bubba”are his ears really that huge?

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