Bubba and Hogan visit St. Joes Childrens Hospital Christmas Eve

December 24th, 2011 by Staff

Bubba, Hulk Hogan and his son Nick Hogan paid a visit to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida this Christmas Eve.  Reaching out to sick children makes our problems in life seem petty.  Have a Merry Christmas all and god bless.

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  1. JOHN

    that’s our baby brooke in the top two pictures. we want to take a second to let you know how much we appreciate you guys taking the time away from your lives and families to spend time with the kids. words are not able to express the feeling the children and parents feel when some great personalities like yourselves take time for us.


  2. Santa Trace

    Bubba / Hogan,
    I want to thank you guys for spending time at the hospital today with the kids and our Krewe. If the public only knew how much you actually do for this community, it would shock them. The kids went crazy with you two there and the hospital still resonates with the laughter you generated. Your spirit of love and kindness is wonderful and contagious.
    Thank you again,
    Trace and the Krewe of RumRunners

  3. Jerry in Baton Rouge

    Bubba, you rock! You are such a giving person. Love the show, love the IO. I met you and the crew in NOLA. Found out that your step dad and I went to the same HS. Jeff’s a cool dude.

    I wish the BRN, Radioio, and all a successful 2012 and beyond. You have redefined radio.

  4. Greg

    Lookin good guys!!

  5. Steve

    More people should take time from there daily lives to show care like this. God bless you guys.

  6. Marko Ramius

    I hope Nick didn’t drive them there. LOL :)

  7. anthony

    Good job guys and Bubba I know your a christian no matter what you say on the radio…Merry Christmas and god bless

  8. jimmy

    Always a class act! Bubba and Hogan are real men!

  9. kyle hamor

    Bubba this is really great you’re a hero to me I listen everyday , have sinceI was 19 I’m 21 now..Someone please delete the wannabe smartass who thinls hes funny in the comment above me (excuse this if they do)… Ppl like him who bring down everybody….love the show bubba…nice to see you doing great things with youre great privlieges.

  10. James

    That’s our daughter Lauren in the bottom picture. Seeing you guys made us all feel better. Thanks for taking the time to visit, all the kids really enjoyed it!

  11. Matty K

    Pandering at it’s finest…I’m surprised Bubba didn’t present each kid with a giant check…

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