Brooksville Florida is the Worst City

June 16th, 2009 by

The City Council of Brooksville, Florida. The four have enacted dress code policies for city employees, against the better judgment of the mayor who sees some sensitive problems enforcing one rule in particular, asking how are we going to check that? Hint: Underwear! See Worst Person in the World to learn more, before it comes to your workplace too!

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2 Responses

  1. Jay


    I’ve been to Brooksville.UGH!
    While the city council chks for underwear are they
    gonna give the employees a reach around as a BONUS???

  2. P.R.

    I just wish that bra straps would be hidden again, and neanderthal men would pull up their pants — I don’t want to see their skanky underwear. Enough! Oops, dragging drawers does help get them arrested. I’ve seen several episodes of COPS where the guys try to run away from the cops and fall flat on their faces with their britches around their ankles. Their IQs match their waist sizes. Dumb shits.

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