Brett Favre Wrangler Commercial

October 25th, 2010 by Staff

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  1. tony

    Bubba you talk about how ”REAL” you are,what a facade.Look at your buddy the two faced liar Charlie the flip flopper Crist.You are nothing more than a political prostitute.And your crew are the crack whores of political prostitutes.P.S.Marco Rubio will be President in 2016.Oh and did I tell you your crew is a bunch of morons?

  2. DS

    Eh Tony, I’m from Toronto and even I can see how much of a scam artist Rubio is. Now before you go and say that I’M only going by what Bubba and the boys say, I was in tampa for about a month last year and have a lot of family there! So in close’n say hi t MJ you JOBER!! I have never called in to the show but have been to two paloozas and LOVE the show, LAY OF THE BOYS!

  3. Macky

    Your right Tony!!!!!!!This guy knows nothing.He obviously is a moron.He’s not even worth your time commenting.All I can say is”BUBBA ARMY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Matt

    Tony – I’ve never called the show.. never been to a bubbapalooza.. but i listen every day.. and hereby certify you the tool of the month. Write that down.

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