Bradenton judge throws out Tiger Woods paternity case

August 18th, 2010 by Staff

BRADENTON – The Sarasota woman who stood on the Manatee County Courthouse steps with a T-shirt reading “I am Tiger Woods Baby Mama” earlier this year did not show up for court today as Woods’ attorneys asked a judge to throw out her paternity case.

Porn star Devon James, also known as Melinda Jannette, claimed in court records her 9-year-old son was Woods’ child. She stated that birth records naming another man as the father were wrong and that she wanted Woods to pay her back child support.

Two West Palm Beach attorneys representing Woods told Judge Marc Gilner today that Jannette did not have any legal standing to file the suit since she had given up her rights as the boy’s mother a month earlier.

In fact, attorney Thomas Sasser said that adoption proceedings were already in the works when Jannette struck her pose on the courthouse steps for the Website The filing came at a time when a parade of women were coming forward as girlfriends to Woods..

Judge Gilner agreed with Sasser. “I believe that your motion is well-founded and I will grant your motion to dismiss the action with prejudice.” Gilner said.

The boy’s grandmother, Sandy Brinling, sat in the back of the courtroom clutching her adoption papers during the proceedings. Brinling said she wants to move forward with her grandson. “Oh, I’m so happy it’s done, but I really wish she (Jannette) was punished more than she was,” Brinling said.

Brinling said she never believed Woods was the boy’s biological father. “It’s (the paternity case) for her to make money and that’s all she looks for is for her to make money. She has made him (her grandson) suffer a lot through this and it’s really sad.”

Sasser handed out a written statement saying in part, “A DNA test was performed and established that someone else was the child’s father and six years ago, this other person was subsequently determined to be the legal father of the child. The judge did what was right legally and dismissed the case.”

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