Boys land 10-foot gator — temporarily

August 13th, 2009 by

ST. PETERSBURG - Police officers used a knife to cut through a standoff between three boys and a large alligator. The two-legged and four-legged species apparently became literally entangled when the boys tossed a chicken tied to rope into Salt Creek.

The gator grabbed the chicken and “…somehow the rope got wrapped up around its upper jaw, and then they couldn’t get the rope off,” explained letter carrier Kim Kryza.

Kryza happened upon the scene and called 911.

“They were swinging the gator back and forth trying to get the rope off, but it was on very tight. And the gator was really annoyed and ticked off by this point,” she continued.

Kryza took one picture of the critter right before police hoisted it up and cut the rope.

Nearby residents think the alligator, estimated to be about 10 feet long, should be removed. Eric Atwater thinks people have been feeding it. Like many Floridians, Atwater knows: “when they’re not scared of people, what you have is a problem.”

“It’s scary because, you know why? There are so many kids around here, these kids play around here a lot, and the minute those kids see those alligators in that water, they run right there to look,” Vonda Wynn added.

The state has issued to permits to a trapper to remove this alligator and other ones in Salt Creek. The ribbon of water connects Lake Maggiore to Tampa Bay, and there are lot’s of gators in the lake.

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  1. The alligators

    Wow, look at all this free candy that’s just lying around on the edge of the creek. Hey, are those ‘Spounge Bob Square Pants’ DVDs lying around also? If you kids rub BBQ marinade all over yourselves before taking these goodies, we promise to provide more free stuff in the future.

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