Boycott BP

June 2nd, 2010 by admin

Join Bubba the Love Sponge® and the rest of the BRN in our Boycott of BP! Here is a list of BP companies…

  • BP Service Stations
  • Air BP Aviation Fuels
  • Castrol Motor Oil
  • ARCO Gas Stations
  • am/pm Convenience Stores
  • Wild Bean Cafe
  • Aral Service Stations Solar Pannels

Bubba Army!!!

58 Responses

  1. Steven813

    Bubba, I work for BP as a fuel driver and I totally agree w/ punishing them for not having proper equipment to stop or prevent this leak from happening in the first place but, if ppl actually start boycotting BP, alot of honest,hard working people could be out of a job. People w/ families to support. Still love the show though guys. Keep it goin. Just think a little deeper sometimes.


    F*** BP, in their stupid a****. They try to play this whole thing down like its no big deal. they can like the crude from my nutsac and have a nice day for all im concerned.i cant belive this s*** is still leaking. I hope they go bankrup trying to fix this s***. at least people can now see the real dangers of drilling off the coast of florida. I hope some day we can enjoy the gulf as it once was. I will never spend another dime with those f****. i hate their gas anyway. Shell is the shizz

  3. Steveo

    I will ride a bike before I go to a BP ever again. Heathens

  4. Mark

    Why boycott them it’s mainly Dick Cannie’s fault.

  5. M

    You forgot Safeway gas stations.

  6. jr brewer

    yea i just boycotted them today. i can’t believe whats happening this is totally uncalled for it’s going to be horrible when the slick get’s into are current it’s going to totally destroy Florida!!!!! your the man bubba

  7. Rick

    screw bp!! i hope tony hayward dies in a firey crash

  8. eddie the plumber

    hell yeah!

  9. Mr. Dalek

    I’ll stick with 7-11, since they are cheaper, have better service, and you never need to learn another language to buy crap from them.

  10. Jeff

    Join sieze bp website and in have boycotted bp for weeks now thanks bubba

  11. Erika

    I am appalled at the lack of a timely response to the “oil leak” (gusher) in the gulf. I moved to Orlando, Florida 19 years ago and left for four years after 2004 hurricanes caused me to move twice due to damage from the storms. I have been back in Florida in St Pete for 1 1/2 years and feel sick watching the BP oil disaster spread uncontrolled to eventually ruin our beaches, jobs, home values, etc. If it continues this way towards the gulf coast and around the state, we are screwed economically with regard to tourism and fishing, etc. With all of the intelligence in the world you would think this could be fixed by now. Therefore we know this is politically and financially influenced- tough one to figure out….. not. I listen to your show every day while I travel from St Pete to my office near downtown Orlando and I am happy to hear someone who can say what they think without inhibition. Please continue to promote the protest against BP. I have started signing every petition I can find against BP so far and have left a message on BP’s hotline which I am sure will be deleted immediately. It just isn’t enough to fix this. Erika 407-491-2332

  12. eric

    Bubba you have to see this if you haven’t already. This guy is killing people trien to make living

    British Petroleum (BP) rep Randy Prescott made a comment, “Louisiana isn’t the only place that has shrimp.” His office number is (713)323-4093 his email is Give him a call or send an email. Tell him “BP isn’t the only place that has fuel for my car!” .. PLEASE REPOST

  13. freedomlover

    You don’t need to be an environmentalist to boycott BP. There’s something very wrong with a (giant) corporation that takes part in the MILLION$ of federal tax subsidies, makes BILLION$ in profits every year, but can’t be bothered to spend a relatively measly half a million dollars in safety measures that would’ve prevented a mess that’s been going on for over a month that they’ve been trying to spin-doctor.

    F**k BP and everyone that makes excuses for them!

  14. Ken

    BP is the only one trying too fix what is there failure.BP has already lost one third of their companies value.$60 billion.As reported on the Bubba show only BP is doing anything too help this oil spill crisis.BP’s liability is limited too a mere $75 million.BP has paid as of 5/31/10 990 million dollars.They continue too try and fix the problem that they caused.Boycott does not help anything..

  15. renee

    I just spent my vacation on the gulf coast near bayport & pine island. there was no oil yet but the whole time I couldn’t help but think this might be the last chance to see it before the oil destroys it. BP can kiss my ass I will never buy from them again.

  16. Ken

    President Bush/Chaney deregulated the oil industry and told BP and Exxon/Mobile that they didn’t need any safety devices.In business you are out too make money.If BP uses safety devices and Exxon/Mobile does not Then Exxon/Mobil’s oil will be cheaper and BP would be out of business.Government makes the rules ..Businesses only follow the rules..In construction you have too build too code.The code costs more money too build too.Yet all contractors must build too code.If a contractor adds heavier wood support beams.Better contruction…The house price will go up and the contractor will be out of business as another builder/contractor can build the same house cheaper.

  17. Ken

    In the Exxon Valdez disaster no one got a dime for $20 years.BP has forked out $1 billion dollars in 6 weeks.It is terrible what has happened..Yet President Bush/Chaney told them they didn’t need any safety devices.It’s really the fault of the Bush/Chaney regime that I voted for both times..00 and 04.I guess we all make mistakes.

  18. rick

    i’ve been fishing the keys for 38 years looks like BP f–ked that up now, will not use bp products ever love the show

  19. Suzukirider

    Let’s not forget the Texas cite explosion that killed 17 and injured 140

  20. James Wade

    I hope this big company, which probably pays out some of those big bonuses, has the big private jets, and thought they were in control, fall flat on their ass. Its about time some big buisness got caught up in what they promised they could handle and now find out they cannot.

  21. RHINO

    I’m with you guy’s. This shit sucks. Now they’re saying it could be Christmas before they stop the flow. HO HO HO

  22. bob

    The Exxon Valdez ran aground because of a drunk driving captain. There was no way to stop it ahead of time other than that one particular guy not drinking that day. On the other hand, BP leased well equipment that they knew via documented evidence was VERY likely to fail. This means BP committed company-wide negligence. That’s why we are advocating a boycott of BP, not to hurt the little guy but to send a message that more “little guys” should come forward when they know something is wrong.

  23. DDave

    TOTAL BOYCOTT!!!!!!!

  24. brooke

    I have no sympathy for anyone who works for, or is associated with BP. They are scum of scum. There are no words on this earth that describe the level of disgust that I feel.
    Watch the live feed. It made me puke.
    I encourage everyone to boycott BP and all it’s brands. I encourage EVERYONE to boycott ANY COMPANY involved with BP.
    This includes any store that sells their gift cards, and any car manufacturer that recomendes their gas on the car.
    (Wal-mart, Publix,CVS….Ford)
    300,000 members and growing.

  25. Nick

    This should already be fixed, BP should have blown the well from the start, its the sure fix, but they cant stand to lose their precious well. F**k BP, scumbags. Its sad how much power big oil has in this country. Obama better get working on this thing before it becomes a major black eye for him in the 2012 election.

  26. Adam

    From the economic as well as ecologic side, this is just a disaster. The mainstream media is doing a mediocre job reporting about the loss of jobs for the numerous fisherman etc, however, they should expose more video/photos of the numerous dead animals washing ashore, its sickening.

    I just think we’ve just become too complacent as a nation when any sort of natural disaster hits home. As I sit here looking at the live feed from the BP site I just feel as if they still aren’t working fast enough. This thing should have been cut off and capped from day 2 and none of their solutions involved shutting it down completely, every single solution has been designed to siphon the oil.

  27. Neil

    Spread the word!!!

    Email everyone you know either a link to this page or the list itself. Not everyone in the country is as lucky as we are to get Bubba on the radio! Emailing the list around will spread the info and let everyone know we care about this mess.

  28. Jimmy from PA


  29. Walking Man

    I’m boycotting ALL fuel. Not just BP. I sold my truck, riding lawnmower and even my leaf blower. Sorry Porter, no more lawn clippings blown in the street.

  30. bret

    i totally agree. this is f****n bull s**t. and they do need to be held accountable for this disaster, but what about the 100,s of thousands of blue collar workers you will potentially put on the unemployment line by doing so. there are more people working than just the dumb a** executives counting their money. people just like you and me and no i dont work for bp, but i can sympathize with the ones that do. blame the over thinkers. dont under think it.

  31. mark bc canada

  32. canabeans

    I wish there was a way to boycott BP without hurting the local owner who has nothing to do with the spill.BP British petrolium,is it even an American co? other than being listed on the big board and some plants and offices in the US. it would be a shame if an American co went over seas and fucked up another countries shore line.

  33. Pharian

    Steven813, by that logic should the nazi’s have been allowed to keep death camps in operation because they were providing jobs? How about keeping chemical weapons plants running in Iraq because they were creating jobs for hard working people? Maybe we should have kept children working in coal mines because otherwise their honest families would go hungry?

    That’s the stupidest argument ever. Your job at BP is destroying the world. So get another job. Its easier for you to find a new job than for the world to have to deal with the damage your company creates in our backyard. Stop being so selfish and putting your job above the interests of the whole world.

  34. Big Moe

    Guys, seriously boycotting BP is useless. You have no idea what the fuel industry is really like. When you go into a fuel station to get gas, you are clueless as to who’s gas you are buying. For instance, in Pinellass and Hillsborough counties May 15-Sept15 we are in RVP (Reed Vapor Pressure) season. During this time we use a different formula of gas, but due to storage confinement the fuel farms (BP/Amoco, Hess, Citgo, Marathon, KinderMorgan, Chevron, Shell, Murphy and Transmontaigne here in Tampa)cannot store both 7.8 for these two counties, and 9.0 for the rest of the state (Tampa has 45% of the storage for Florida). So guess what, BP currently isn’t BP gas here in Hillsborough and Pinellas, it’s Marathon gas with BP additives in. This is only the tip of the iceburg, you habe no idea. BP is the largest supplier of molten sulphur to the agriculture industry, and the largest producer of raw plastic in the world. They make up a peak of $66 Billion an HOUR.

  35. Scott

    Yeah they are all still sitting fat and happy in their big chairs, while the rest of the coast suffers. I agree boycott, even Obama he hasn’t done a damn thing either so he is just as much to blame F them all!!!

  36. Shelby Schroth

    You idiots can boycott bp, Arco, AM/PM, etc. service stations all you want, but the chances that you are actually hurting bp is minimal. Simply because it is a bp station in name, does not mean that it is actually bp fuel coming out of the pump. It could very well be Exxon, Conoco/Phillips, Marathon, or someone else’s gasoline. You are hurting the individual station owner more than anything. Do you rubes actually believe that a bp service station only supplies bp gas. Crude oil enters a pipeline and there are only so many gasoline refineries making the gas, so there is no telling who you are attempting to boycott.

  37. Erin Sumlin

    When are we going to see the heads start to roll on the chopping block? Sounds like it is time for Billy Joel to come out with a 2010 version of “We didn’t start the fire” Too much stuff happening out there and not one to accept accountability. BP = Big Pigs

  38. crop71

    if u boycott u wont hurt bp the entity…all your doing is hurting the drivers,owners,salesclerks…all at local level..
    makes no sense

  39. dave

    Boycotting BP will not accomplish much. BP oil sells at more than just BP stations, so unless you stop driving you’re likely using some BP crude.

  40. richard

    i work for a third party service company that services onshore rigs that drill for BP the other day i was talking to one of the BP company men about the gulf oil spill/leak and he acted like it was no big problem.these people are arrogant and irresponsible. i hope they go broke over this.

  41. jer

    I am def. never shopping or buying my beer @ BP ever again. I cant believe the CEO asshole always has a damn smerk on his face every time i see him on the news. Im also pissed at our president for not doing more about this damn situation. he should have deployed troops to the damn golf and not waited so long! This F*** up is going to hurt florida as a state, beaches, marine life and as a tourist attraction for a long time to come

  42. Leo

    We are at War with BP, that has destroyed our way of living for the rest of our lives here in the southeast and every person will be affected. The economy of the south, property values, devastated… We have to stop ignoring this…Never mind wildlife that dying as we speak, what are the health issues of human’s…water supply, food supply, clean up crews are already getting sick!…Hurricanes season is hear, that will whip up oil soaked water, killing crops, wildlife inland…F#*king DISASTER! BOYCOTTING IS NOT ENOUGH…
    Government needs to take over BP, liquidate assets and use all of there money to try to clean this up…and use there Billions to help all of us…

  43. FTE Doughboy

    I completely concur with a complete and total boycott of ALL BP companies. As an FTE I even turned down a load from my company that was to pick up a load of BP oil products from Houston, TX area going to Cali….I refuse to support these criminals in any way shape or form! BUBBA ARMY BUBBA ARMY!!!!

  44. nick

    They knew what they where doing they just wanted to do it the fast,cheap and easy way!!! My mom side of the family where in the oil busyness and this is a joke.The number of gallons is ,unknown they are just guesting the numbers each day they don’t really know for sure they think the public is that smart but come on who do they think they are fooling well not me

  45. Anna Maria Isle Transportation

    I think we are doing the right thing by boycotting BP. I think all of BP’s rigs should be shut down and checked for emergency shut off valves. maybe taking $$ out of their pockets will hit home. That seems to be all they care about. A 27 million dollar a day profit. What a crock of sheeze

  46. paul mccoy

    just so u no with this boycott T A truckstops mainly use bp oil so lets stay away from there also

  47. who cares

    i have a few ?for b/p
    the fly zone of migratory birds coming this fall that use the wet lands where a lot of b/p mishap is laying now .
    what are they going to do when it goes into the keys an all the islands ….. nothing like there doing now ?
    once in the gulf stream it might end up on there frt door step
    is the gov going to step in …only to benefit them as usual
    better go to the beachs now cause they will never be the same again
    fishing the ledges in the gulf for big grouper gone forever or the rest of my life time
    why is it the these big money corporate jerks get away with this shiz with a z bubba
    best road sign of all times ” stop organized crime reelect no one” ….. co rd 470 sumter co florida

  48. Mark

    Boycotting BP? Bubba & team, I know you are smarter than the average idiot, but seriously. Thats what retards do when they don’t have anything more intelligent to do. Let assume the incorrect and say you boycott BP and they go bankrupt. Who then picks up the clean up tab? YOU, and I on our tax dollars. Where do you prefer buying gas Bubba, CITGO/CHAVEZ? There hasn’t been an oil spill like this, EVER. And since you are part of the problem, driving your SUV,racing your midgets, greasing your fat arss into your chair every day, using plastic bottled zephyrhills water….look around your house….everything plastic, comes from crude (except that stupid look on your face). It’s like you’ve forgotten your role in all of this. When was the last time you and your team of trained monkeys went out and protested oil rig safety PRIOR to 2010? As long as the oil was punmping, the american public was sucking it up thru a plastic straw.

  49. narob

    I like Mr. Dalek’s response in that he’ll stick with 7-11 which is a Venezuela-owned refiner. I’m not saying that Mr. Dalek is a moron but his comment is funny.

  50. Tom

    I have not purchased Gas from Exxon since the the tanker crash in Alaska and I stopped buying gas from Mobil when Exxon bought them. Sadly for most people will go back to buying gas from BP just like most went back to buying gas from Exxon/Mobil. I don’t know if this is still true or not but I had read that BP owns 70% of Mobil. This whole deal is just shameful for all the companies that are involved. They have been too concerned with how much profit they can make for their share holders and themselves that they never stopped for one second to research and design a plan for how to handle this type accident because it doing so would have lowered profits in years pass. So again the wild life and the rest of mankind suffer because of greed. For those of you that think that BP doesn’t have the cash to clean this up think again, they are a multi-billion dollar company and if they never sell another drop of oil in the US they will be just fine. The bottom-line is they are protected by our own government with liability caps that we set into place after the tanker accident. If you think for one second that BP isn’t going to continue making Billions you are kidding yourself. Who isn’t going to be fine and who isn’t going to make is the fine people that make their living in and on the gulf. The fishermen, the restaurants, stores, hotels, etc…

    BP has paid these people a months worth of wages, what a freaking joke and a slap in the face! Yet again we take the corporate **** in the *** without lube!

  51. Dave Anderson

    I’m a canadian who works in the alberta oilpatch. This I guarantee would never, have happened in canada. The deregulation of not only american offshore drilling but conventional drilling in the united states is scary. This is what heppens. Sure boycott BP but like other people have said here thats just gonna put 1000s of hard working people who had nothing to do with this out of work. Nobody really brings up transocean or Halliburton, “Hallibortion” as we call them up here into this mix anymore. Why not round up all the people at fault in this and put them in Guantanamo or something, the real sad thing is what about the 11 people who lost there lives that day, yeah the beaches,oceans,birds,fish,shrimp, but what about the guys that died………No one seems to mention them anymore, the people responsible should be brought up on murder charges…..

  52. rick

    Ken is a BP mark. They pay ad agencies to chime in on message boards concerning BP. **** BP

  53. Joe From lakeland

    I’m In! So are all the guys @ work.

  54. Jim Keen

    In response to last nights AC 360 show regarding the USCG’s shutdown of efforts to capture oil which now covers nearly all of the Louisiana coast line due to improper permits?? Give me a freeking break… It’s a crying f-ing shame when our own government interferes with efforts to try and prevent an event that will now, due to the spraying of chemicals to keep the oil from surfacing so recovery crews can see it, soon cover the entire Gulf Coast, not to mention the entire Florida coast lines and worse. We will not support BP and will do our best to see that they go under.

  55. Tony

    I dont think boycotting is the answer Bubba, because if we stop buying their product they go bankrupt then us as taxpayer will end up paying for their f*** up!

  56. Campbell

    Wow, Bubba, I always thought you were a slightly more educated red neck then this. How knee jerk can you get!? Boycott? Really?! What possibly does that do? Yeah, put them out of biz and they will never pay the money. ” sorry all, we are bankrupt so we can’t pay you”. You Bubba, were just as guilty as they are. How Much F’ing gas dose your punk *** kid use on the race track week after week? That **** don’t run on solar! Stop every thing you do in your life, Everything!!! Then you can bitch about the accicdent that is this spill. Do you really complain about the drug dealer or the person buying the crack? They go hand in hand you retards! BP is also the largest wind and solar producer in North America. Also the largest natural gas supplier in the US. So you really want to boycott all these people as well. **** happens, it sucks when it does. We will survive this as well. It usually leads to safer systems afterward. We push the envelope until the **** hits the fan. Something you know a lot about.

  57. mike

    i dont agree with boycotting a company that has an accident its not like they willed this on the people of the US think about it close to 3 weeks after the debate of drilling off floridas coast raises question about what really did happen not sure if we really will know but boycotting just because an accident happened i dont hear anyone talking about the people that was killed that was just pushed away because the news media cant cause more bull**** over something like that maybe more can be done but its gona take time people make more of bull**** than is needed i dont like it but we all need to pitch in and quit crying about it do something besides walking around gas stations holding signs this isnt the 60s if all the people that is pickting would help clean the oil up that on the beaches now we wont have the long term effect like the spill in alaska..

  58. steve

    mike and all the rest of the retards that treat this like it’s gum on their shoe we don’t talk about the people because that is a tiny part of the crisis.we are worried about are planet and ocean(by the way accounts for 70% of are oxygen) which plays god and gives every person the chance to live .and yes I just came back from pensacola where bp cut the cleanup crew in half after they capped the well .they call it a cap it’s more like a connection to the new oil their back in bussines cleanup is on the back burner.havent bought bp fuel since they got caught dumping toxins into lake michigan

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