Boost Breast Size Without Silicone

February 19th, 2010 by

ORLANDO, Fla. – A breakthrough procedure is giving women the hip and cup size they want without silicone implants.
“I want to be what I see in my mind and what I feel. I want to see it,” Sheila Austin said.
Austin has her own idea of the perfect body, but she cannot achieve it through diet and exercise and she does not like the idea of breast implants.
“I’ve never wanted to get breast implants. I’ve never liked the way they looked,” Austin said.
With swimsuit season a few weeks away, Austin decided to try out a new kind of plastic surgery.
Dr. Scott Bassin specializes in natural breast fill enhancements, a procedure that sucks fat from a woman’s hips and thighs and injects it into the woman’s breasts.
“If you’re using your own tissue and transplanting it to another site,, then your body is going to accept it as its own,” Bassin said.
The procedure begins with a much more gentle type of liposuction that instead of disintegrating the fat cells, preserves them, allowing them to grow in another part of your body.
As Austin’s before and after pictures show, the procedure can only fill a woman’s bust by a cup size or two.
The procedure is not just about enhancing your body, it also has the potential to enhance your health in the future.
Fat cells are your greatest source for stem cells, and Bassin said the leftover fat from the procedure is stored and could be used for future medical treatments.
Stem cells are already being used to treat more than 80 life-threatening diseases like leukemia and lymphoma, and there is emerging research that will use stem cells to treat diabetes and heart disease.
This type of fat transplant has been used for years to repair the breasts of women who had cancerous lumps removed, but the procedure is now being used as an alternative for women who wanted larger breasts without implants.
The use of stem cells in healthy women for cosmetic purposes is controversial. Some doctors believe more long-term testing needs to be conducted
The entire procedure takes less than two hours. Austin was back at work the day after her procedure and riding her horse within a week.

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