Boat accident victim awarded nothing in court

June 24th, 2009 by

COLLIER COUNTY: A boating accident left her scarred for life, but a Collier County jury ruled against that woman. Audrey Decker sued the manufacturer of a boat propeller that left her severely injured.

In what could be the last round of an emotional 10 year fight, Decker hardly reacted to learning she won’t receive a dime for her injuries.

Despite losing an eye, a breast, and having more than 40 surgeries after falling off a boat, a six-person jury ruled the boat manufacturer is not liable.

“There was no one thing. I think it was the totality of the evidence, and beyond that I shouldn’t comment further,” said defense attorney Jay O’Sullivan.

Decker claimed if Outboard Marine Corporation had placed a protective cover over the boat engine’s propellers, her injuries wouldn’t have been so severe.

Jurors deliberated for more than six hours before handing over a verdict.

“It was one of the hardest things I know I’ve ever done,” said one juror in the case.

The juror described the mood in the jury room as very intense and says she was the last one convinced to side with the manufacturer.

She says the propeller guard that was offered at the time the boat was sold didn’t actually guarantee safety.

“That’s what it all came down to, is what was available in 1988,” the juror said.

While Decker and her attorneys declined to comment, the juror we spoke to admitted she had trouble facing the accident victim as the verdict was read.

“I did not look at anyone. I looked directly to the judge,” she said.

Despite the decision, Decker’s attorneys say they plan to appeal.

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  1. Thor

    This lady to me is another example of someone trying to get money for something that is their fault. Like the lady a decade back that spilled coffee in here own lap at Mikey D’s, they always want someone else to be responsible for them being an idiot. You fell off a boat (regardless of reason) and fell onto a blade that was purchased and installed on the boat you choose to be on. Stop wasting years of court time and tax payers dollars. You had an accident…it’s time to move on!!!!

  2. John G. Lowe

    Tell her not to FALL off the boat drunk, dumb bitch! I want my props to work and shred water to go FAST! Tell Hootie he can’t have props on his boat because they might hurt someone if they fall in the water drunk?! HA! GOOD HUMOR STORY!!!!!!!!

  3. Ken0789

    I have an idea.Don’t fall out of the f**king boat.

  4. steve

    A propeller guard would have saved her from serious injury, as well as injuries and death of others. Too bad manufacturers get away with products that are not safe.

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