BK Worker Accused of Putting Hydrocodone in Sandwich Held on Bond

February 18th, 2010 by

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (firstcoastnews) – One of the men arrested for putting Hydrocodone in a customer’s sandwich at the Burger King where they worked Friday was in court today.

Woody Bernard Duclos, 20, will be held on a $35,000 bond a judge determined this morning. His next appearance in court is March 1.

Duclos and his co-worker, Bryant Keith Jones, 32, were arrested Friday after Hydrocodone pills were slipped into two sandwiches at a Burger King on Philips Highway where they worked, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office police report.

A police report said Tomeria Kendrick and her mother visited the Burger King at 10142 Phillips Highway around 5:15 p.m. Friday and bought a chicken sandwich at the drive-thru.

According to the report, Kendrick took one bite and immediately spit it out. Inside the sandwich, she told police she found a blue pill.

Ernest McHenry and a coworker bought a cheeseburger and fish sandwich from the restaurant about an hour after Kendrick and her mother left. McHenry said he also found a blue pill inside his fish sandwich. It was later identified as Hydrocodone.

Police questioned Jones, who told them he had a bottle of prescribed Hydrocodone with him and had given three to a coworker, Duclos, who was complaining of back pain.

Jones later admitted to police he sold Duclos the three pills for $10. Duclos continued to deny any involvement.

Burger King responded saying that the employees have been fired.

“Food safety is non-negotiable at BURGER KING restaurants. This franchise restaurant, which is independently owned and operated, has terminated the two employees involved and is working with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on this investigation.”

Jones is expected in court later this afternoon.

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  1. Alien

    Why do it?
    Why waste the pills?
    Why risk your job?
    Why risk your ass?
    Why (for the sake of being an asshole) do you leave it so blantinly in the center?
    This is why i stay away from fast food. Idiots work there, not all, but some rejects. F Burgerking and MickyDs, go with real meat not cheap rat food

  2. wyatt

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