Bill O’Reilly mad about Eminem’s Sarah Palin attack. RU?

April 10th, 2009 by admin


Bill O’Reilly is not happy with rapper Eminem about his “crude” attack on Sarah Palin in his new music video.

According to Us Weekly, the outspoken Fox News host slapped the rapper on his Fox talk show for mocking Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in a video titled “We Made You.”

On the song, Eminem raps, “I’ll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner, nail her / Baby, say hello to my little friend.”

“Few Americans take the vile rapper Eminem seriously,” O’Reilly told his audience. “He represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country and is a publicity hound to boot.” O’Reilly adds that “no one over 25 listens to him.”

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12 Responses

  1. Scott

    What is an “Eminem “?

  2. Mike

    Yippee Yo

    Nobody under 65 listens to this loudmouth dumb fug.

  3. josh

    Hell no! Just another example of american pussification! Get a grip and quit worrying about your poor poor pussy ass feelings my god man people need to grow up and worry about something that is actually important to true americans.

  4. Mike

    There is more intelligence in one of Eminem’s lyrics than in an entire season of O’Reilly’s tripe.

  5. Daniel

    Hate to tell you this, but I’m 39 and listen to Eminem. Why, because he’s not a BullSh@^er. He call’s ‘em as he see’s ‘em.

  6. Kevin Howard

    At least Eminem isn’t trying to pass off his “crude” attacks as “news.” O’Reilly should wise up and realize he and Eminem are under the same umbrella: entertainment.

  7. Jeremy

    Thanks for the free publicity! I didn’t even know Eminem had a new video/song out!

  8. Josh

    Doesn’t anyone remember the sexual harassment lawsuit including dirty audio phone sex tapes that a woman that worked with Bill brought forth? He settled out of court on this and issued a public apology. Check the website for court documents:

  9. Rusty

    Hey , who cares we all have the right to opine so i want to see mrs obama’s ass on tv or one of those low slow shots like they did on sarah. you gotta admit she is fine!

  10. randy

    Frigin hillarious this guy is such a fool. He represents the lowest form of journalism, next to rush of course, Im 30 next year I listen to M&M AND PALIN IS A STUPID bIMBO. jUST WANNA KNOW WHEN PLAYBOY IS GONNA DO THAT MILF SPECIAL.

  11. Rick

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I’m a 48 yr old white mail who thinks that most of Eminem’s lyrics are genious Bill O’Reilly is an out an out ASS, who doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. BTW, when is Palin going to back under the rock they found her under. Talk about a white trash family, they are the royal white trash clan….

  12. Shawn

    Well I’m 36 and I love him. I saw his rant and thought it was very unprofessional. Shouldn’t he just report the facts, discuss them, and leave his opionion out of it?

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