Bikes For Badges

April 13th, 2009 by admin


To benefit two fallen Tampa Bay area police officers

  • The critically injured St. Pete Police Officer shot while apprehending a robbery suspect.
  • Hernando County Sherriff Captain Beirwiler killed by another driver.
  • Event Date Saturday May 9th
  • Ride starts at Jim’s Harley Davidson in St. Petersburg and will end at Derby Lane
  • Hooter’s will be the 3 poker stop locations of the Bubba Bike Ride
  • Fundraising to include:
    • $30 entry fee per person ($40 day of)
    • Silent Auction
    • 50/50 raffle
    • Corporate and listener donations
  • 2500-5000 expected biker participation

Click Here to register and get all the information on Bikers For Badges.

26 Responses

  1. John Bastian

    Hey Bubba,

    Does the $30 fee cover the rider and passenger or just the rider. I’m sure a lot of wives would like to be part of such a great cause. Please clarify.

  2. Rusty

    Hey , I’m proud you guy’s are still helpin out!

  3. dirty tom

    i was across the street when the st.pete officer was shot. glad your doing this for them and there families. some of us plan on going that day. we are having a poker run this saturday the 18th at 3pm starting at atlantis gentlemans club you all should check it out.

  4. Michael P Casey

    I have a close friend who is a deputy for pinellas county and my supervisor at McDonalds husband works with the injured officer in St. pete.

    Michael P. Casey [Guido's Step Dad]

  5. Frank Bien

    American Reflections would like to support your cause.
    PLEASE let us know if you are interested!!!!
    ONE EA. OF ALL MOTORCYCLE MIRRORS / COAT RACKS listed on site are Availble for this auction !!!!!!!!!
    Frank @
    We are local!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Russ

    Was wondering also, is the $30 per hand or does include a passenger. Also wondering the time for the event.

  7. Tony Cianci - Editor

    Full Throttle Magazine thinks this is a great event you are doing and for a wonderful cause. We would like to donate some advertising space in the May issue the help promote this event and help you raise as much money as possible. Keep up the good work and the best morning show around.

  8. Linda

    I don’t have a bike, can four wheelers join in? and is it extra for passangers as john asked.I suport the cause and would love to join in.

  9. Guido

    Four wheels can join the cause.

  10. Sinic

    why do we have to pay for officers doing their jobs.Don’t they get enough $$$ from their benefits package to live.I guess they need a bailout to for over-spending.

  11. Linda

    Sinic You got it all wrong. Guess you don’t have a heart!

  12. Mialawman

    Hey Sinic,

    Were talking about a dead and an injuried Officer you moron.
    I bet your the kind of guy who talks crap about us until you need us. You need to get your ass whooped and have an officer bail your ass out. Bubba keep up the great job your doing and when you come to “Miami” you got a new friend.

  13. Spryng

    Hey, we have about 100 people in our group wanting to do this because it is for a very good cause. Our only question is whether the $30 registration is per bike or per person. (several of us have passengers) Can someone please let me know so that i can pass the word along? Thanks

  14. DALE F.



  15. mike mcginnis

    Hey Bubba, I know its Bikers for Badges, I know its probaly mostly harleys, cruiser, but a sport bikes welcome also?

  16. Dave Bastian

    Be Drivin in from Upstate New York to Ride and What a Great
    Cause.. Looking forward to the Ride !!
    See Ya all there !!

  17. Derik Schumacher

    Hey bubba ,

    would love to send you my ne wsong and video called IN MEMORY OF.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful ride and everyone tales time to honor the fallen.



  18. Mike

    I signed up, and will be on my Hayabusa, hell, if we left it up to just letting Harleys in the ride, it could take days, maybe weeks for those slow ass bikes to get to Gandy from St. Pete. They will need our sportbikes to keep the ride flowing. (Not to mention, I will still have money in my pocket after I make my bike payment!!!) Looking forward to seeing all the bikes out there no matter the make or how slow they drive.

  19. One of the brothers

    I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is participating in this event. You all are awesome for doing this and maybe someday will get to meet some of you at Biff’s or Quaker Steak…

    I wish I still had my bike to go on the ride too.

  20. OhioTrooper

    Hey Sinic, you need to wake up and see that we are out there to help you! You do need your ass beat and have an officer show you what we really do! Bubba you and your gang are the BEST!!! keep up the great work and I love the show!!

  21. Rick

    We will be out of town during the biker for badges bash but would still like to donate money. How would we go about this. Thanks

  22. Shane


    I am a Deputy Sheriff in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio. I just started listening to your show on 95.3 here in Dayton, about two months ago. I have been hearing about the Bikes for Badges ride coming up, and just wanted to tell you how I think it is a great thing you are doing for our fallen brothers. From our family here, to those in Florida, our hearts and prayers are with you. Thanks Bubba.

  23. don

    hey guys,

    great work doing this event! If you are doing t shirts for it, please post and let us know if we can order them online to support the cause from afar.

  24. Alex Maglione


    We had a great time during the event. Everything seemed to be well organized and weather was perfect. Glad to be a part of this event and I’ll see you soon-


  25. Rick Bies

    I am honored to bring out some of Florida’s Finest Bikini Babes to this event thank you so much for letting me help make this a kick ass event ! The girls we be there by 11 AM coming from Lakeland , Sarasota and Tampa Bay .
    Rick Bies

  26. Ice T

    I agree with Sinic, and the hazard comes with the job. I can’t think of the last time I heard of a cop actually helping a citizen. Mostly they just seem to want to steal our freedom for petty nonsense. When it comes to going after dangerous criminals, they seem to be rather avoidant. Probably they’re just mostly yellow. And bikers for cops… seriously?

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