Bay area celebrities donating to fallen officers’ fund

July 7th, 2010 by Staff — Several Bay area celebrities are doing their part to raise money for the families of two fallen Tampa police officers. They’re encouraging the community to donate.

5 Responses

  1. Don Cab

    Will this coincide with the check presentation to the widows?

  2. Lawdawg

    Way to go Bubba..The LEO community thanks you for your support and all that you do for us.

  3. k3vo80

    keep the good shiz with a z comin these officers family deserve everything

  4. Tony Fuentes

    You are the Man Bubba, Keep the good up the good work
    we love your input here in Edmonton Alberta Canada FTE

  5. Mac H. FTE

    stick it to that piece of shiz with a z da who let that corksucker to be on the sreet in the first place. People asking who shot first disgust me. I am with Spice if you pull a gun on a cop or military or fed you are asking to be lit the fudge up. That punk and everyone like him just needs to be put down. Sometimes you have to thin th Fn herd,

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